ALES Counseling Program

Welcome back to a brand new school year! My name is Donna Kane, your school counselor. The goal of the counseling program at Anderson-Livsey, is to support all students, parents, and staff. In order to accomplish this, I will be implementing classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling lessons, and individual meetings. The counseling program will also be available for parent conferences and community referrals.

I will be visiting each class during the initial weeks of school to meet and greet our students. These visits will include the location of my office, and the services offered to all students. Some of the following small groups will be offered during the school year with teacher referrals and parent permission:

1. Friendship/Social Skills

2. Anger Management/Conflict Resolution

3. Family Changes

4. Study Skills 

Please contact me for any of the following reasons along with other questions and/or concerns.

1. If your child needs help adjusting to school.

2. If family experiences/changes may impact your child's academic success

3. If you would like to schedule a meeting with the teacher and school counselor.

4. If you are in need of community referrals.

5. If your child is having a difficult time learning.

I look forward to serving the community and welcoming all of our students.

Mrs. Donna Kane, School Counselor, EdS

Tips on Transition
Entering a new school can be exciting as well as intimidating. However, there are various things you may do to decrease student concerns.

Openly discuss with your child the new transition. Provide an open forum for your child to share his/her concerns and express their thoughts and feelings. Provide a list of numbers of old friends and friends who will be attending the new school.

Encourage students to develop friendships with students who will be transitioning to the new school.

Make it a point to visit the school and meet your child's teacher.

Include your child in the process of preparing for the new school (drive by the school, tour the school, use a map of the school to practice going from place to place, review the website).

Create a calendar with your child to prepare for the following (as well as upcoming) school year.

Focus on the positive. If your child has had success in the past, whether academics and/or social success, reassure them they will be able to do the same at the new school. Remember transitioning to a new school is a process. Be patient, creative, flexible, and celebrate the small successes!

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