2nd Grade Social Studies
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A.    Map and Globe Skills

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B.    Information Processing Skills

C.    Before There Was a Georgia

Over The Edge

Types of Land

D.    Georgia's Beginnings

Georgia State: History
The last of the thirteen colonies, Georgia was established by the British in 1733. Tensions grew over the next decade between the British in Georgia and the Spanish in Florida, resulting in battles and British victory, although the general who had established the colony returned to England after the war. Settlements were established along the coast and rivers, with Savannah as the first state capital. The Whigs and Tories fought in Georgia, as it was split between revolutionaries and loyalists. Read about the various capitals, Georgia's role in the Civil War, the growth of Atlanta, and the Civil Rights Movement.
Georgia Resources

The New Georgia Encyclopedia

Famous Georgians (50states.com)
Famous Georgians (UGA Project)
 The Five Regions of Georgia: A Thinkquest Project 
Georgia Habitats
(from GA Performance Standards)
Georgia Symbols, Sounds, and Emblems
To hear the sounds that some of our state symbols make, 
click on the blue buttons! By hitting the Orange button
by the foods you will be taken to a recipe using that ingredient! 
The Georgia Coast Georgia Museum of Natural History: Wildlife Web
Georgia Web Search
North Georgia Creek History
Native Americans in Georgia 

Native Americans in North Georgia
Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge
  Georgia Maps
Map of Georgia with Rivers
Map of Georgia's Regions
Map of Georgia's Counties and County Seats

E.    Native Americans
Creek Indians
Learn some fascinating facts about the Creek Indians such as how their culture began, what forced them to move west, how the tribe separated, how the Creek War began, the real name of the tribe, how they got their name, and all of the functions of their plaza. You will find it interesting how the Creek Indians have maintained the same style of government today as always have. You will also find how they have changed as well.
Cherokee by Blood
One of the largest tribes in the United States, the Cherokee Indians played an important role in colonial America. This Encarta Encyclopedia web site gives readers thorough information about this North American tribe, one of the largest in the United States. Read through four sections of information: an introduction to the tribe, the Cherokee history, their culture, and contemporary life.

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F.    Civil Rights Leaders

Jackie Robinson
Visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame where you will meet former baseball player Jackie Robinson, the first African American player to make it to the major leagues. The hall of fame provides you with a list of basic facts about this athlete relating to his life and baseball career. There is also a short summary highlighting his career. Follow the featured links and you will find his career batting record and an image of his hall of fame plaque.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Who was the most important voice in the American civil rights movement? If you answered Martin Luther King, Jr., you are correct. Learn more about Dr. King from this web page. He is best known for his nonviolent persistence in overcoming racial injustice. He fought to break down segregation laws; these were laws which prevented African Americans from entering specific public places. The U.S. Library of Congress sponsors this biography. From this web page, you can also access biographies of other activists.
He Had a Dream
Did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was such a smart student that he skipped both the ninth and twelfth grades and started college when he was only 15? Read this short biography for more interesting facts about Dr. King's life. A champion of civil rights, he was arrested 30 times for his activities but he never gave up on his dream of equal rights for all Americans. Want to learn more? This web site has selected the best books on Dr. King for you to continue your studies.

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G.   Government and Human Rights
Jimmy Carter: The White House
Jimmy Carter came from humble beginning and worked his way to be the thirty-ninth president of the United States. This web site covers his life story from childhood all the way to current times. You will learn all about his presidency as well as his amazing work after leaving the White House. This site is well organized and easy to read.
Carter, Jimmy
This web site provides a brief biography of Jimmy Carter. You can read all about his beginnings as a naval officer, businessman, and governor. Next, you can follow his career into his time in the office of president and learn about some of the successes of his presidency. Finally you can read about what President Carter has been doing since leaving office in 1981. You'll be surprised to read about all of his accomplishments in his life after the presidency.

H.   Personal Finance

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