Tiger News
Annistown Elementary School PTA
October Edition of 2003 - 2004 Tiger News!

From the Principal’s Desk…

It is hard to believe that the first quarter has come to an end. As I continue to see examples of teaching and learning, I am also amazed at how complex our role has become as educators. We have been charged with the monumental task of teaching our students, assessing and analyzing our own progress, and the progress of our students’ academic achievement as well. Our AKS CQI Model of targeting students’ areas of strength and deficiency has enabled us to focus our efforts toward student success and continuous improvement. Take note of the many other areas in which our improvement remains continuous.

In the area of personnel, we have grown since the first day of school. Our projected enrollment for this school year was 490 students. We are currently teaching 525 students, and as a direct result we have earned additional staff members. Miss Stephanie Deese and Mrs. Lisa Findley have joined our staff as a fifth grade teacher and kindergarten teacher, respectively. Our plan is to increase our paraprofessional staff so that each kindergarten class will also have a full time assistant.

In the spirit of our theme, “A Place Where You Belong”, we are continuing to build bridges and partnerships with Annistown Road Baptist Church, Super Target and Shiloh High School, to name a few. As we continue to improve our communication between home and school, please let us know how we can also continue building partnerships with you. We certainly value your membership in the Annistown community, and as a Very Important Parent (VIP), you play an important role in the success of our school. Here are a few important reminders that will enable us to achieve together.

The success of our program depends on your choices. Please choose to transport your children to school each day on time and ready to learn. We cannot perform our jobs as effectively if your child is not here by 8:49 AM. Remember, your child will be counted as tardy if he/she is not in the classroom by 8:50 AM. As a VIP, you are certainly welcome at Annistown Elementary School and we trust that you will show a continued interest in the teaching and learning that takes place at our school. However, our classrooms cannot accommodate every parent and student. In order to maintain the integrity of our learning environment, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher before you arrive, whether for a visit, observation or a conference. This practice is also in place as a safety and security measure to assist our office staff in monitoring who is in the building. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Please also continue to communicate with us to let us know how we can assist you in helping your child be successful academically and behaviorally, both at home and at school.

When you see Mr. Pat Buttram, better known as “Mr. Pat”, be sure to congratulate him on being named a GCPS Finalist for Teacher of the Year (TOTY). In fact, Mr. Pat was the only elementary teacher named as a finalist. As a result, he is the elementary level TOTY for GCPS and is automatically eligible for GCPS TOTY honors. Well done, Mr. Pat! 

As you can tell, there are many amazing things to be proud of at Annistown Elementary School.  We are off to a great start, so let us continue to work together to move AES along toward continuous improvement.

Take good care,

Calvin J. Watts

From the PTA Presidents’ Desk

Dear Annistown friends & family: It’s that time again! School report cards will be distributed later on this month. Usually this is the time where we do a student, teacher and parent assessment of our child progress thus far. While all of this still holds true, it can also be a time where we evaluate the progress of our schools PTA. To date, the PTA has hosted a Volunteer Drive, Skate Night, a fundraising campaign, enrolled several new parent and family members as well as enrolling an impressive 100% of the schools facility! Although we are making great strides towards a passing grade there is still so much more we would like to accomplish. Our goal this year is to have a 100% participation rate from our families here at Annistown. Many of you may wonder, “Why is joining the PTA so important?” National studies show that family involvement within the school has a positive impact on the success of its students. Success being higher academic standings, fewer disciplinary referrals, enhanced communication between home and school, an increase in social enrichment programs and an over all harmonious school life for the student(s).Whether you are a board member, a committee chair, a room representative, send in things from home or come out for a one time volunteer opportunity, it all says I want to make Annistown my child’s home away from home. Additionally, having a 100% participation rate can prove to be beneficial as we venture out into the community and ask our local business to invest in the students here at Annistown. One of the best ways to show our commitment at the school level is to say that ALL of are parents have said “Yes” I want to make a difference. So don’t delay, become a part of the PTA!

Michelle Pritchett and Angela Smith
Co-Vice Presidents

Annistown Fall Carnival
Friday, October 24, 2003
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Mark your calendars, pencil it in, call all your family, neighbors and friends…

This year’s Fall Carnival is just around the corner. We’ll have lots of games and rides, popcorn,
sno-kones, cotton candy, prizes, hotdogs, chicken fingers, funnel cakes, lemonade and homemade
goodies galore!
So be sure to make plans to come and have fun celebrating “Fall” with your Annistown family.
$8.00 per child enables them to play all night.
$22.00 maximum per family.
Adult admission is free.
All children must be accompanied by an adult.
See you there!

Annistown 2003-2004 Memory Book
Be sure to purchase a yearbook for the 2003-2004 school year. Your children
will love to have memories of all their friends at Annistown for years to come.
Buy now and save $$$. Yearbook order forms are available in the front
office or the Yearbook.

PTA Arts in Education
Throughout the school year Annistown students are treated to many special programs brought to our school by the PTA Arts in Education Committee. This Committee is funded by contributions made to the PTA and fund raising events. 
Programs are scheduled during the school year. Our fifth grade students have already enjoyed Calvin Sims and his Westward Expansion Program. Our younger students will soon enjoy Lee Bryant the Puppet Guy’s program, sharing tales and legends from around the world. 

If you have not already joined the PTA and which contributes to Arts in Education, PLEASE DO… The students love the programs and we want to be able to continue to bring these special events to our school. We have planned many special programs for our students, and your support is important

 To continue to provide our students with the opportunity for outdoor learning, we need parent support. Please contact Mrs. Kitchens in the Science Lab; we will work with your interests and schedule.

 Please become involved in our Environmental Education Program. Every student benefits when parents and school staff work together to provide learning opportunities outdoors on our school campus.

Community Sponsored Events
Annistown students frequently enjoy programs brought to us by community businesses and resources, enriching classroom experiences. Our fourth grade students recently learned more about about electricity from the free Georgia Power program Power Town. Students learned more about the transmission of electricity and safety around electricity.
PTA Environment Committee 
Annistown Elementary is recognized as a leader involving students in environmental activities. Many of these activities utilize our Secret Garden and Nature Trail. Our PTA provides funds to maintain our outdoor learning areas. And we need parents to help maintain these areas. Please get involved in helping care for these areas so that they will always be available for learning activities. You can contact Jenny Kitchens – Science Teacher - for more information. 
We continue to be actively involved in Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful activities, including working throughout the school year to earn points for our Environmental Progress Repot due in May each school year. 
Field Trips…. 
Heading Out and Having Fun!!
Annistown Students have opportunities throughout the school year to participate in field trips enriching learning across the curriculum. Many of the field trips are out-of-school experiences, and a few are in-school. Funding for these events is provided by each student’s family. We have already scheduled several, including a Kindergarten trip to Carousel Quarters Farm and a First Grade trip to Cagle’s Dairy Farm. Our fourth grade students will enjoy a trip to see an IMAX movie enriching Social Studies and Science lessons. Third grade students will be heading to the Atlanta History Center in November, learning about the history of the State of Georgia. Permission slips are sent home as early as possible before a field trip.
Environmental Activiites
  • Newspaper recycling makes money for our school. Our recycling bin is located on the parking lot. 
  • Got Leaves?? If you have bags of leaves this Fall, bring them up and put them on the raised beds outside the Secret Garden. They are great soil makers. 
  • And we feed the birds! Families can donate a bag of bird seed anytime during the year. We have feeders in both the Secret Garden and Joy’s Park, the garden adjoining the playground.

We Gotcha DoingSomething Good !
The Hoke Poke will never be the same. Thanks to the following staff for
attending our first Skate Night.

Mrs. Balak
Ms. Burroughs
Mrs. Childs
Mrs. Evans
Mrs. Haynes
Ms. Maher
Mrs. Peyton
Mr. Watts
To all of our parents and students we saw you too it’s just so many we
can’t name you all. I guess we will just have to take pictures for our
memory book!
See you October 16, 2003.

Dates to Remember in October - November
October 24 - Fall Carnival
November4 - Election Day
November 10 to14 -  Book Fair
November 18 - Cultural Festival
November 20 - Skate Night

Annistown  Tiger Pride