T. Carl Buice School

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Please remember the 4 C's throughout the school year.
We will be collecting the following items:
ampbell Soup Labels
Used Printer Cartridges
Coke Rewards-Drink Caps/12 Drink  
Case End Flaps
Capri Sun Pouches

          Thank you for supporting our school!

  Red and Green Newsprint Only Recycling Container

Our Newsprint Recycling Container has arrived.
It is located in the front parking lot. Help us fill up!
 Please make a contribution to our recycling bin!

Newspapers-Magazines-Catalogs-Office paper-Junk mail-
File folders-Index cards-Colored copy paper-
Plain and window envelopes  will be accepted.

No wax or laminated paper-No paper with crayon or glue on it-
No cardboard, poster board, cereal boxes or brown bags-
No construction paper




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