Hernando Cortez


    Hernán Cortés (also spelled Cortez),  was a Spanish adventurer and conquistador  who overthrew the Aztec empire  and people and claimed Mexico for Spain Cortes sailed with 11 ships from Cuba to the Yucatan Peninsula to look for gold, silver, and other treasures. Hearing rumors of great riches, Cortés traveled inland and "discovered" Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec empire. He then brutally killed the Aztec ruler Montezuma and conquered his Aztec Empire of Mexico, claiming all of Mexico for Spain in 1521. These sapnish exlprers made the Aztecs work in the mines looking for gold and silver.Treasures from the Aztecs were brought to Spain, and Cortés was a hero in his homeland. Cortés was appointed governor of the colony of New Spain, but eventually fell out of favor with the royals. He then returned to Spain where he died a few years later.