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All classes here at Chattahoochee Elementary are using an educational software product from Pearson Education Technologies called SuccessMaker Enterprise. 

SuccessMaker Enterprise is a balanced educational software program that Gwinnett County Elementary Schools have been using for several years now.  It incorporates curriculum, management, and assessment into a results-driven learning system.  The courses within the SuccessMaker program offer hours of interactive learning activities in Math, Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Bilingual instruction.  SuccessMaker constantly assesses each individual student's performance within a course, and the management system allows teachers and program managers to modify a student's course as needed. 

We now have this program available for home access.  The SuccessMaker set of software is available for parents who are interested in renting it.  Through the Internet on your home computer, your child can have access to his/her school-related SuccessMaker courses.  There is a $25 rental fee for use of the software for the length of your childís enrollment at Chattahoochee Elementary.  Please note that this is not a fundraiser for the school.  Money earned will be recycled to purchase additional kits so that even more Chattahoochee families can sign up to participate in this program.  Both you and your child will reap the benefits of participating in SuccessMaker at Home.  As a parent, you will be able to view your childís performance in the program, by having access to reports.  Your child will be able to continue in the SuccessMaker courses he/she is already working on in school. 

In order for SuccessMaker to run on your home computer successfully, your Windows PC will need to meet the following requirements: a minimum of a Pentium II processor, 64MB of RAM, a DVD drive, and an Internet connection.  SuccessMaker does NOT run on Apple Pcís and it is NOT compatible with Microsoft VISTA.

Also, please note that if you have multiple children using SuccessMaker here at school, only one set of the Success Maker courseware is required at home.

What steps do you need to take to receive the Success Maker kits?

1.  Complete and return the registration form to your studentís teacher.

2.  Once your registration has been processed, the kit will be sent home in your child's book bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

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