Technology at Chattahoochee

Technology Staff:
Tracy Parrish (Technology Coordinator)
Linda Murphy (Technical Support)
Kim Joins (Tecnology Clerk)
Lynne Bartholmae (SASI Clerk)

Chattahoochee Elementary offers many technological opportunities for students to reinforce Gwinnett County's curriculum.  We have a total of five IBM computer labs, with approximately twenty-eight computers in each lab.  We also have a class set of IBM computers in the media center.  All of these computers are networked.  In addition, many classrooms have at least one student computer.

Classroom teachers bring their students into the computer lab to complete projects, research, or reinforce AKS through educational software programs.  Teachers are given professional learning throughout the year on technology, so that they may offer their students a variety of technology opportunities.

Please visit our Technology Class Web here:

Our KG-5th grade students participate in a county-wide adopted program called Success Maker Enterprise.  This program gives students the opportunity to practice reading and math skills for short periods of time several days a week.  To learn more about Success Maker Enterprise please visit our home page and click on the link for Technology and then Success Maker.

Internet use is carefully controlled here at Chattahoochee.  The Acceptable User Policy states the student guidelines for Internet use, and can be found in the Student Handbook. If a student chooses not to follow the Acceptable User Policy, he or she will lose computer privileges at school.  To view Chattahoochee's Acceptable User Policy, click on the link below:

Chattahoochee's Acceptable User Policy

We always can use parent volunteers in the computer labs.  If you have an interest in volunteering, please contact your child's classroom teacher, so that you can arrange to help out when your child's class is in the computer lab.

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