The Enchanted Dolphin Of The Amazon River
By Alexandra B.

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Physical Description

The Encantado is a pink dolphin that lives in the Amazon River. It can grow to be 8-9 feet long (most are smaller) and can weigh 400 pounds. As you can see in the picture, they have a big hump on their back.. Not all Amazon River dolphins are pink. They can also be white, yellow, brown, black, blue, or gray.

The Pink Dolphin does not really have a dorsal fin, but instead a hump on its back. As it gets older, the hump gets larger. Amazon River Dolphins also have farely large fins. It is probably an adaption for swimming in shallow waters.

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  They're also called Inia geoffrensis (IN-ee-yuh Jeff-REN-sis) or boto (bo-toe.) People believe that they're enchanted because they are pink. They believe that the dolphin will pull them into a world under the river.They think that this world is so wonderful, that they won't ever want to come back.

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The Pink Amazon River Dolphin has no known natural predators except for humans. They catch them in nets and drown them. Many dolphins are taken to aquariums for live displays. They are also killed for their skin for leather and their fat for cooking.


It eats crustaceans, catfish, heavily scaled fish, and piranhas.

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Dolphins belong to the order, cetacea. Cetaceans are mammals. They also spend their whole lives in water. Cetaceans are known for their playful behavior and games including "breaching," "spyhopping," and "tail slapping." It belongs to the family platanistidae.

Amazon River Dolphins do not need to live in large groups (also called pods) as many other dolphins do.


Scientists think that dolphins are among the smartest animals. Once they are trained they can jump through hoops, catch balls, and some even walk backwards on their tail fins.

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Fun Facts!

1. Encantado means enchanted.
2. Dolphins are invertabrates.
3. The Amazon River Dolphin is not the only river dolphin.


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        Just keep swimming!                             Up and Down!                                                           Tag! You're it!
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