All About The Sea Turtles !

By Jade L.

Want to know what sea turtles look like? What do green sea turtles eat? A SeaTurtles habitat Sea turtles behavior How long do sea turtles live? Are turtles prey or predator? Migration Habits Bibliography


Want to know what a sea turtles looks like?
sea turtles are very long;.

They are 3-4 ft.long that's90-120 cm
They weigh 60-500lbs.that's pretty BIG.
It's body covering is
a shell.The shell protects it.

What do green sea turtles eat?
Green sea turtles feed on;seagrass and algae.Yum yum!

looks like the sea turtle is in its habitat .
A SeaTurtles Habitat:
SeaTurtles live in oceans, along the coast near warm waters of the Atlantic. Adults are usually found in lagoons, bays, and coastal waters.
Kingdom: animiliaa Class: reptilia
Sea Turtles Behavior :Sea Turtles aren't so called social.But other species socialize off shore. Green SeaTurtles are solitary. Because,feeding aggregations, in shadow waters find abbundant.

How Long Do Green Sea Turtles Live ?
Turtles can live to about  50 -  80  years during the reproducting live it's about 30 years.
TURTLES ARE ENDANGERED! Turtles are apart of the ESA which stands for ENDANGERED SPECIES  ACT.
Are Turtles Prey or Predator ?
 Sea turtles are Prey.Any kinds of sharks like to feed on the sea turtles.
Baby sea turtles however, get eaten by foxes ,sea gulls ,raccons ,and ghost crabs.
Migratoin Habits : Sea turtles go up to shore sometimes to check on therir babies, to see if they have hatched yet. Sometimes they might just go out to make sure there are no predators to eat their babies.\

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