We Need Clean Water! Stop Polluting!

Today, in oceans, lakes, rivers and even creeks are being treated like garbage cans. Many selfish people throw their toxic waste into these beautiful bodies of water.


Well, Like I said people are the main cause, but they're not the only cause.  When animal's waste gets into the water it can spread and make the water dirty for other living things. Also, when farmers use chemicals for their crops it could possibly soak into the soil and into the water. Next, when oil tankers spill their tanks , it can leak into our waters.




What We Can Do To Help

Although, there are many causes there are also many ways any living being can help. First of all, when you are gardening stop using pesticids in your yard. Next, If you have a cat, horse, dog (etc.) Be sure to pick up their waste, even if it's in the house. Lastly, A fun way your kids could help could be to calculate how much water you use every day. Yes, Even seeing how much water you use will make you care more and more about what people and even what you could be doing to this earth!

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