STD Plan Information

STD Plan Information

Short-Term Disability coverage provides a weekly benefit to replace a portion of the employees income while they are disabled and unable to perform their job. Benefits are paid up to a maximum of 26 weeks.

Short-Term Disability Plan Choices

Plan ChoiceMaximum Weekly Benefit
Minimum Salary for Maximum Benefit
Basic PlanPays 2/3 salary up to $225 per week
Plan APays 2/3 salary up to $300 per week
Plan BPays 2/3 salary up to $500 per week

STD Plan Information
The maximum benefit period is 180 days.

Benefits under this plan shall not be payable for:

  • Any illness or injury which is not treated by a licensed physician or surgeon.
  • Any loss caused by war or act of war (declared or not).
  • Intentionally self-inflicted injury, whether employee is mentally competent or not.
  • Injury which occurs when employee commits or attempts to commit a felony.
  • Injury suffered in a fight in which the employee is the aggressor.
  • The portion of the disability that employee is contained in a penal or correctional institution as a result of conviction for a criminal or other public offense.

Benefit payments will cease on the earliest of:
  • The date employee is no longer totally disabled.
  • The date employee fails to furnish satisfactory proof that he/she is continuously totally disabled.
  • The date employee refuses to be examined if Gwinnett County Public Schools Board requires an examination.
  • The last day of the maximum period for which benefits are payable.
  • The date employee failed to return to work when found fit by health care provider.
  • The date employee failed to return to work when found fit by independent physician.
  • The date medical documentation does not support claim of disability.
  • The date it is determined by the Board that employee is not under proper and adequate medical care.
  • The date employee left the state without Board approval.
  • The date the Board has been unable to contact employee via phone and certified mail.
  • The day employee dies.
  • Other (as determined by the Board and disability managers).

If employee's total disability is the result of more than one cause, benefit payments will be made as if the disabilities were the same. Short term disability will end when both disabilities end.