Leaving GCPS

Leaving GCPS

Leaving GCPS?
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Termination Information

If you participate in any benefit plans offered by GCPS, your coverage in these plans will be affected upon termination of your employment. It is important for you to know when plan coverage will stop and/ or if any of these plans may be continued after your separation. Please review the following benefit information.

HEALTH, DENTAL and VISION COVERAGE will end 30 days after your last payroll deduction for that coverage. You may elect to continue the coverage you had at the time of separation for a specified period of time through Continuation of Coverage (COBRA). You will receive information from State Health on the cost and the length of time medical coverage can be continued. GCPS has enclosed an election form for the continuation of your dental and vision. Please read the information you receive very carefully, as the election to continue coverage must be completed within a specified period of time.

GROUP TERM LIFE INSURANCE will cancel the month following your last paycheck. Your coverage may be able to be converted within 31 days of separation. To convert coverage call GCPS at (678) 301-6133

RETIREMENT PLANS should be contacted for information on vesting, benefit payments and refunds of contributions. Please contact Teacher’s Retirement (TRS) 404-352-6500 or, Public School Employees Retirement (PSERS) 404-352-6400. You can reach Gwinnett Retirement (GRS) at 678-301-6267 or 678-301-6269.

TAX SHELTERED ACCOUNTS are fully vested. If you have questions regarding the withdrawal, roll-over, or transfer of funds, please call your TSA vendor.

    Morgan Stanley 404-365-2623
Jefferson National 678-838-4327
    AIG Valic 770-226-6300
Lincoln National 770-962-2082
    Fidelity 1-800-343-0860
HEALTH CARE Flexible SPENDING ACCOUNT may be continued through the end of the plan year on an after-tax basis. To ensure continuation, you must complete the appropriate section of the enclosed COBRA continuation election form. If you choose not to continue your health care spending account, claims for reimbursement must be submitted within 90 days of leaving GCPS for claims incurred prior to separation.

DEPENDENT CARE Flexible SPENDING ACCOUNT participation ceases the date employment ceases. Claims for reimbursement must be submitted within 90 days of separation from employment for claims incurred prior to separation.

MERASTAR payroll deductions cease with your last paycheck. Merastar will bill you directly for future premium payments. After your last paycheck, you will no longer be eligible for the GCPS discount. For more information please contact Merastar directly at 1-800-637-2782.

The following are individual policies that you may maintain after your separation from service with GCPS. Please call the carriers directly to arrange direct billing.

    Critical Illness 1-800-635-5597
Cancer Insurance 770-427-2461
    Group Legal/ ARAG 1-800-247-4184
Long Term Care 770-579-0515
    AIG Universal Life 1-800-231-3655

The OutTakes™ Exit Interview Survey is a confidential tool that helps GCPS gather data about your experience while working within the district as an employee, including how GCPS might improve the work experience for others in the future. Your individual responses to this short survey are completely confidential and very important. Changes to the school system can only be made by hearing your true opinions. Please feel free to skip any questions that you are not comfortable answering. Access the exit interview survey by typing this URL address into your internet browser:
URL Address: http://surveys.itsinc.net/sb/
User Name: exitsurvey
Password: 020206

This survey should be completed at your earliest convenience. For questions, concerns or problems accessing the survey, please contact Ms. Lily Benavides of Integral Talent Systems, Inc. at 650-320-8299 x 104 or lbenavides@itsinc.net.

Please advise Human Resource Systems in writing of any address change to insure that your state and federal W-2 forms are properly mailed to you at year end. A change of address form is enclosed for your convenience. If you have questions about the information in this document, please contact GCPS Benefits and Leave Administration at (678) 301-6133.