HM Critical Illness/Cancer Plus

HM Critical Illness/Cancer Plus

Benefit-eligible employees may enroll in the Cancer Plus/Critical Illness insurance plan through HM Life Insurance. HM Cancer Plus/Critical Illness coverage is considered an Anytime Benefit that benefit-eligible employees may change or discontinue coverage throughout the plan year via the Employees Portal.

Cancer Plus/Critical Illness Insurance supplements the employee's health and disability plans by helping with costs associated with a critical illness. Benefits are paid directly to the employee in a lump sum when diagnosed with one of the following covered illnesses:
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Major Organ Transplant
  • End-State Renal Failure
  • Internal Cancer
The premium rates are based on the current age at enrollment. The monthly premium will not change once the employee is enrolled unless the employee elects to increase their benefit after initial enrollment.

This plan includes a Health Screening Benefit that pays the employee $50 once per calendar year for any of the covered health screenings, such as a pap smear or PSA test.

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HM Critical Illness/Cancer Plus customer service: 1-866-849-2954