Post-Retirement Benefits

Post-Retirement Benefits

Post-Retirement Benefits - GRS

Retiree Health Insurance and Other Benefits For GRS Retirees

Health Insurance

Health insurance is the only benefit provided through the State. This benefit can be continued for life at retirement. As a retiree, you have an opportunity each year to change your health insurance options.

Dental, Cancer, Life Insurance, Vision Insurance

In addition to the State of Georgia sponsored health plan, Gwinnett County Public Schools also provides other benefits, such as life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and cancer insurance. These benefits may be continued by retirees, provided the coverage was in effect at time of retirement and commencement of GRS benefits. Please note, your life insurance coverage terminates at age 70. Please contact the Gwinnett Retirement Services Department with any questions at 678-301-6267.

Rules and Requirements

All benefits must be in place at the time of retirement.

Any benefits that are dropped at or after retirement cannot be reclaimed.

Retiree rates are subject to increases as rates are increased for active employees.