Bridges Around the World
Scavenger Hunt

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What is the third longest suspension bridge in the world? Where is it located? How much shorter is it than the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge?

How long is the Confederation Bridge? List one interesting fact about this historic bridge?

Name the bridge located in Brunswick, Georgia. How long is this bridge? Who was given credit for asking this question?

Where is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge located? What was the cost of this bridge? What What type of bridge is the Sunshine Skyway?

How many Brooklyn Bridges would it take to span the length of one Akashi Kaikyo Bridge? How long did it take to build this huge bridge?

When did construction begin and end on the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

How long and wide is the Stone Mountain Bridge? What type of truss is this bridge?

What body of water does the Peace Bridge cross?

Who designed the Golden Gate Bridge? When was it completed and opened to vehicle traffic?

Name three reasons you would want to build a cable-stayed bridge instead of a suspension bridge?

What type of bridge is the Tower Bridge in London, England? How long did it take to build the bridge? In what year was it completed?

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