Bridges Around the World
By: Joan Burger
Gifted Program Teacher
Harbins Elementary
Dacula, Georgia

Introduction | Task | Resources | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion

Introduction: Our class is going on the ultimate field trip! We will journey around the globe to explore some of the highest, largest, longest, most unique, architectural designs ever created by man! Our virtual field trip will take us through many countries and across beautiful bridges to gather facts, historical information, and pictures about these amazing structures.

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As you journey around the world on your virtual field trip you will:

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Bridgesby Joy Richardson
Franklin Watts Publishers, New York, 1994

Bridges and Tunnels by Chris Oxlade
Franklin Watts Publishers, New York, 1994

Draw 50 Buildings and Other Structures by Lee J. Ames  Doubleday Publishers, New York, 1980

Superstructures: Bridges by Chris Oxlade
Steck-Vaughn Publishers, Austin, TX  1997

Web Sites:

Longest Suspension Bridges in the World

The Ambassador Bridge

The Confederation Bridge

Bridges: Reaching Out

Sidney Lanier Bridge

Wonders of the World Databank

The Bridge Challenge

Historic Bridges of Minnesota

Bridges Reaching Out: Japan's Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Introduction to Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

The Tower Bridge

The Humber Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Historic Bridges in Georgia

Golden Gate Bridge

The Peace Bridge

Covered Bridges of West Virginia

Build A Bridge

Great Buildings: The Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Cam

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge

Bridges: Images and Movies Database

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Individual Activities:

There are many different types of bridges in the world. Before you begin your journey, you will need to familiarize yourself with the history of bridge building, various types of bridges and bridge design. Use the books and websites listed in the resource section to complete this task.

Click here to print a worksheet for this activity!

Go on a scavenger hunt to familiarize yourself with some of the world's most awesome structures ever built!

Click here when you're ready to begin your hunt!

Select two bridges and gather facts about each bridge. Use the websites and books below to help you find your information. Save pictures of the bridges in your folder to use later.

Click here to print two worksheets you will need for this activity!

Creat a venn diagram to compare and contrast the two bridges that you have researched. Be sure to add pictures of your bridges.

Group Activities:

Choose one of bridges that you researched. Create a HyperStudio project on that bridge. You will need to complete a storyboard before you begin the work on the computer. Be sure to add historic facts, dimensions, your own drawings and pictures.

Make a balsa wood bridge. Be sure you use the information you learned to make it strong and durable!

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The following rubric will be used as your evaluation tool.









Construct a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting 
2 bridges
Entries in each topic area are vague
Entries for each topic area contain little detail
Entries are complete, detailed, and in-depth
Entries are complete, detailed, in-depth and contain pictures.
Complete  worksheets on 2 famous bridges 
Contains very little information about the bridge.
Contains information about the bridge with little detail, may not be clear and organized.
Contains organized and clear information with many details about the bridge. 
Contains organized and clear information with many details and includes graphics.


Create a HyperStudio project about a bridge


Contains very little information about the bridge.
Contains information about the bridge with little detail and does not contain graphics.
The slide show contains detailed information about the bridge and 1 or 2 graphics.
Slide show presents information about the bridge in a unique, creative way with many details and graphics.
Construct a balsa wood bridge with a  small group


Your group chooses not to build a balsa wood bridge.
The bridge does not meet the guidelines given in the instructions. (Too big, small, costly, etc.)
Your bridge meets all requirements given in the "Bridges to Economics" handouts.
Your bridge meets all requirements and is presented in a creative way.
All individual and group activities are completed
One or two of the activities in the "process" section are complete.
Three or four of the activities in the "process" section are complete.
Five or six of the activities in the "process" section are complete.
All 7 of the activities in the "process" section are complete.


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Congratulations! You have completed your Bridges WebQuest. I hope you enjoyed your field trip. Through this WebQuest you have learned about the history of bridges, the different types of bridges, and the process of building these amazing structures. You have also worked cooperatively with your group to complete your Quest!

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