Council for School Improvement (CSI)

The Committee for School Improvement (CSI) is a  parent advisory group which provides input on LSPI goals and a number of issues which affect the school climate and student achievement.

We are proud that parents, teachers and administrators work together to provide a partnership approach to the education of our children.  With parents and the school fully committed to children, the potential for student successes is great.

The CSI meeting dates for the 1998-1999 school year are as follows:  Sept. 28, Nov. 23, Jan. 25, and March 29th.  All meetings will be held at B B Harris Elementary, at 6:30 p.m., except for the January meeting, which will be a Duluth cluster CSI meeting.  CSI meetings are open to parents and community members.

The 1998-1999 CSI team is as follows:

Melinda Sepmeyer, Principal
Jeanne Welch, Chairman/Parent representative
June Akin, Parent representative
Sheri Hennenfent, Parent representative
Laura Brown, Parent representative
Vickie Sherry, Parent representative
Raj Kaulalgi, Parent representative
Debbie Young, PTA Co-President/Parent representative
Betty Winter, PTA Co-President/Parent representative
Bob Hawkins, Community representative
Carolyn Herbig, Community representative
Kay Vandiver, Parent representative
Linda Wettlaufer, Parent representative
Henry Harrington, Parent representative
Allen Chang, Parent representative
Raysa Abreu, Parent representative
Priscilla Flagler, Parent representative
Jose Hernandez, Parent representative
Hye Young Kim, Parent representative
Kathy Morrow, Parent representative
Azhar Syed, Parent representative
Jeannie Glisson-Davis, Asst. Principal
Miranda Brand, Asst. Principal
Regina Dyer, Kindergarten Grade Manager
Kara Dutton, First Grade Manager
Donna Walker, Second Grade Manager
Pat Armstrong, Third Grade Manager
Pat Cooney, Fourth Grade Manager
Sharon Mathison, Fifth Grade Manager
Paula Bender, Special Ed. Grade Manager
Cheryl Saab, Special Areas Grade Manager
Georgene Miller, Counselor
Susan McCarthy, Counselor
Gale Smith, Technology Coordinator
Melinda O'Herron, Media Specialist
Florence Magee, Reading Recovery Teacher
Jinny Hayden, Math Coordinator
Sue Zielinski, Parapro Representative

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