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Solid Figures
Tranformational Geometry
 Solid Figures
A solid figure is a three dimensional shape. A polyhedron is  three dimensional shape having straight lines. You may have thought all shapes are polyhedrons, but not all shapes are. Spheres among other things are not polyhedrons. Another word for polyhedron is polyhedra, or a polytope.There are only five regular polyhedra that exist, they're called the Tetrahedron(four triangular faces) a cube(six square faces) a octahedron (eight triangular faces) a dodecahedron(twelve five sided faces) and a icosahedron (twenty triangular faces).
A pyramid is a solid figure with triangular sides that meet at the top. A pyramid has 1vertice, and 7 edges
A tetrahedra resembles a pyramid, but has four triangular faces of equal size, including the base, and a triangular cross-section cube.
A cube is a three dimensional figure having six matching sides.
A cube has 11 vetices, and 12 edges. 
A cylinder is a space figure having two congruent circular bases 
that are parallel. A cylinder has two flat circular bases and one curved face.
A sphere is a space figure having all of its points the same distance from its center. The distance from the center to the suface is called its radius of one of the bases of a cylinder.
A sphere has no bases and 1 curved suface. 
A cone is a space figure having a circular base and a single vertex at the top.A cone has 1 vertice A cone has one flat circular base and one curved surface.
Vertex: A vertex is a point. It is where two line segments share the same endpoint. 
A net is a solid figure flattened.
These are some examples of some nets:

This is a flattened cube.

Can you guess what this is?
This is a flattended octahedron.
This is a flattened tetrahedron.

This is a flattened icosahedron.

Art by Tana-Marie Lee-Haw

A real life example of a solid figure is Rose Hall.
Rose Hall is located in Jamaica.