Skin Lotion

Abrasives: abrasives are used to clean and polish teeth.
Alkali: a substance that has a bitter taste and neutralizes acids.
Alpha hydroxy: helps remove dead skin.
Alpha lipoic acid: has the needed vitamin core.
Antibacterial agents: a chemical that is used to control plaque.
Anti-tarter: reduces discomfort of tooth sensitivity.
Carboxlate: a salt or ester of a carbolic acid.
Catalogs: a list of names, titles, and articles arranged according to a system.
Coloring agents: gives toothpaste a pleasing look.
Commercialized: to manage for the sake of making a profit.
Dispered: the cause to become spread widely.
Enzymes: kills bacteria in your mouth.
Essentially: a liquid that is soft or condensed in fairly small pieces.
Fixative: a substance added to a perfume esepecially to prevent rapid evaporation.
Fluoride: used to strengthen, protect, and clean teeth.
Fragrance: the sweet smell of something.
Glycerine: a sweet, colorless, syrupy alcohol usually from fats and oils, and is used to dissolve things.
Humectant: keeps the moisture in toothpaste.
Impurities: the quality or state of being unclean.
Insoluble: not able to be dissolved in liquid.
Micelles: a unit built up from polymeric molecules or ions.
Munitions: military supplies and equipment.
Neutralized: to kill or destroy.
NTP Complex: helps maintain tone.
Potash: a potassium compound.
Potenially: capable of becoming real.
Preferable: having greater value or desirability.
Retinal: the natural form of vitamin A.
Skin lotion: a substance we use on our bodies.
Sodium bicarbonate: removes plaque from teeth.
Soluble: able to be dissolved in a liquid.
Tallow: the solid fat of cattle and sheep used in soap.
Xylitol: is a non-sugar sweetner.