Dish Detergent
Fading and Denim
Fire Extinguishers
Halogen Light bulbs
Super glue


Alkaline- a primary type of battery
convert- turn to another or particular use or purpose; change
dioxide- oxide having two atoms of oxygen for each molecule
Duracell- a primary type of battery
Lead- soft, heavy, blue-gray metallic element which is used to make pipe
Manganese- a hard, brittle, grayish white metallic element
Mercury- a heavy, silver- white, metallic element that is liquid at ordinary temperature
primary- first in time or order; original
secondary- next after the first in order, place, time, or importance

Dish Detergent

chemical- made by or used in chemistry
detergent- substance used to clean.
dissolves- to fade away
element- one substance that all thing are made of
magnesium- the lightest common metal. 1/3 as light as aluminum
sodium- a soft, white and small metallic element

Fading and Denim:

agitation- a violent moving or shaking
frequency- rate of occurrence
insoluble- not able to be dissolved
orbital- path in which an electron revolves
ROY G. BIV- visible color spectrum; Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

Fire Extinguishers

bicarbonate- hydrogen, carbon, and three oxygens mixed together
colloid- either a liquid or a solid
foam- a type of colloid that spreads throughout a liquid

Halogen Light bulb

filament- a very fine, thin, slender thread 

Smoke Detectors

ions- atom or group of atoms having a negative or positive electric charge
neutralizes- make of no effect by some opposite force