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• Question: When my child tries to pull up the courses, it is blank.

Answer: Make sure that he/she is logged in using his/her Student number and the password learn. If he/she doesn’t remember the number, have the child copy the number from his/her library card or lunch card.  Students in grades 1-5 should have courses assigned.

• Question: I have two students using the program. How is the system setting the learning paths for each child? I’m not getting prompted to Log-in a student.

Answer: Each child will login with his/her own unique number. Each login is associated with courses the students receive.

• Question: When I try to run the courses, a white box comes up.

Answer: If you have a pop-up blocker on your computer, you will need to disable the blocker by allowing pop-ups from this site or holding down the control key as you launch the course.

• Question:  I am using XP and SuccessMaker will not run on my computer.

Answer:  You must download and run this batch file in order for SuccessMaker to work.  Right Click to download batch file

Question:  My child clicks on a course but it will not work.

Answer: Make sure that you are allowing pop- ups and that you have the proper CD for the course inserted in your CD drive.  If you want to do Math Concepts and Skills, then you will need to place the Math Concepts and Skills CD in your computer.  Your child will only be able to run the courses assigned by the teacher.

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