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Dr. Reeves

Yes...I am awake! (And I am always this serious.)

You can use this site to learn about me, my family, and the classes I teach. I hope you find this information enjoyable. Please share your suggestions to improve this site.

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Personal Information

Hi and welcome to my web page. I'm James L. Reeves and here's a little information about myself and no, you won't be tested over this. I graduated from Stone Mountain High School in 1970. After a couple of years of college I joined the Air Force in 1972 and until served until 1976. I then return to the Georgia State and completed my degree and began teaching in 1979; (I had hair then.) I received my BS. (1979), Masters (1981), and Specialist (1984) degrees from Georgia State, and my Doctorate (1993) from the University of Georgia. I've taught in elementary and middle schools. I also taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Kennesaw State University. I enjoy working with middle school students because middle school students are awesome! I love my job and love working with 8th grade students. I learn so much from them!

One hobby I enjoy is bicycling. I've ridden my bike across the state of Georgia six times. (I built the bicycle in the photo.) I also like to camp and backpack. I've camped and/or backpacked in 47 of the 50 states. I've been involved with Scouting for a long time either as a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or Venture Crew Advisor. I am an amateur radio operator (ham radio) and I combine my ham radio hobby with camping/backpacking, cycling and off roading. My call sign is KF4AQO. I also scuba dive and 3 of my 5 children are certified divers. Paintball is a lot of fun also. We have several markers. Finally, I'm in the process of building my 1975 Bronco. My goal is to have a good daily driver and great trail rig. My current daily driver is 1991 full size Ford Bronco. I married my sweetheart in 1979 and we have five children and dogs. We live in Watkinsville, GA. near Athens. My oldest son, Josh,  was killed in Baghdad on September 22, 2007, by a multi-arry EFP which is an incredibily dangerous kind of IED.  Josh was in the Army infantry. He and his wife had their first son on 9/21/07. Yep, I'm a grandpaw. My middle son served a two year mission (Tucson, AZ) for our church, returned in November 2006, got married in Aug 2007. He and his wife are attending college. My youngest son and daughter are 10th graders at Oconee County High School. Ask me about any of this information if you have any questions.

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Homeroom Information

Welcome, I am ready to act as a facilitator as I  help, or guide, you through this year. I hope you will accept the challenge to become a responsible and productive team member. I thank you, the parents, for lending us such a high quality group of young adults for this school year!  I'm glad you're in my homeroom and a member of our team.

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Team Activities

Our team believes that education is a combination of many different experiences. Textbooks and videos can provide a basis on which to build. Computers, guest speakers, and field trips take knowledge from the classroom and incorporate valuable social skills as well as supplying a format for real world applications of education. Because these are our beliefs, we strive to have either a guest speaker in the classroom or a field trip planned for each grading period of the school year.



McConnell Middle School’s Advisement Program

"WAM" Time – Weekly Advisement Meeting Time

This year at McConnell we are excited to begin a weekly advisement program, called "WAM" Time. The Purpose of this advisement program is to build meaningful connections between adults and students resulting in improved student academic achievement.

Each Wednesday homeroom teachers and their students will participate in "WAM" Time. During this 30 minute time that is built into the schedule, students and teachers will take part in fun and engaging activities on such relevant topics as conflict resolution, goal setting, social skills, study skills and much more. This time is very important so we ask that you do not check out your child during this time.

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Academic Information

1. We believe that all students should sincerely attempt all assignments. Effort grades will not be given, however, effort will be reflected in the success or failure in group and class discussions/activities.
2. Academic scores will reflect the quality of a student's performance. For thoroughness in evaluation of student progress, I will use various learning activities in determining the grade received, such as daily class assignments/labs/discussions, special projects, and/or tests. All aspects of the evaluation of student progress should be designed to enhance learning.
3. Based on Gwinnett County Truth in Grading Policy, no extra credit assignments will be allowed.

Late Work
If a student turns in work/assignments late, the following consequences will occur:
1) 10% will be deducted the first day an assignment is late.
2) 20% will be deducted the second day an assignment is late.
3) 30% will be deducted the third day an assignment is late.
4) After the third day, the student will earn a zero.
If a student repeatedly has late, missing, or no homework completed, a telephone or in-person conference with the parent/guardian will be arranged. This policy does not pertain to projects. Projects are due on the date as indicated. They will not be received after that date.

1. All students are expected to complete their own work.
2. All students are expected to follow testing conditions.
a. Keep your eyes on your own work.
b. Keep your answer sheet covered.
c. Remain silent.
d. Stay in your seat.
e. Read your novel if you complete the test before time is called.
Failure to meet these criteria may result in a zero, Thursday Administrative Detention, Saturday School, a discipline referral, or other negative consequences.

Make-Up Work
Attending school on a regular basis is very important for student progress and self-esteem. There are many activities, discussions, etc. that cannot be duplicated at home. Help day is available to allow students the opportunity to make up missed assignments.
We also strongly suggest that students choose one or two friends to be their Learning Buddy. These buddies can take excellent notes, collect handouts, and keep you informed of team information if you are absent. In addition to the Learning Buddies and Assignment Books, each classroom will have an Assignment/Homework Area. We also use <www.homeworknow.com> to post homework and other assignments and announcements. If students are absent, this is where they will find assignments which they have missed.
1. Students have two days for every day of excused absence to complete make-up work. An excuse for the absence must be given to the homeroom teacher the first day the student returns. This policy does not pertain to projects. Projects are due on the date as indicated. They will not be received after that date. A student has 2 weeks to make up a missed test, quiz, or lab. This policy encourages a student to attend Help Day in a timely manner so the information won't be forgotten.
2. Any student who wants assignments prior to or during an absence must give teachers 24 hours notice. Many times when group work, labs, presentations, or discussions are part of the assignments, it is impossible to send a duplicate or substitute assignment.
3. Assignments given before an absence or assignments picked up by a parent or guardian during an absence are due when the student returns to school. It is the student's responsibility to complete and turn in work missed, including scheduling make-up tests and help sessions. Students who have an excused absence will have two days for every day missed to complete work for 100% of the grade earned. An excuse for the absence must be given to the homeroom teacher the first day the student returns to school. If the absence is unexcused all work is due the day after a student returns to school. Reasons for excused absences are listed in the Parent/Student handbook which each student received on the first day of school. A student who wants assignments prior to or during an absence must give teachers 24 hours notice.

1. All students will receive an Agenda/Assignment Book which will serve as an integral part of the academic program. Students should record assignments daily. We recommend that parents/guardians look at assignment books every school day. This year the Assignment Book will also serve as a hall pass. The student will complete the necessary information and the teachers will sign it. This is a team policy.
2. Each student needs structured home study time for an hour each school day.


Promotion Criteria

Students must pass five subjects for the school year (Language arts and math must be two of the five subjects passed.) and make or exceed the passing score on the Georgia Writing Assessment set by the GCPS Board of Education for promotion from the eighth grade to high school. This means, regular education students must earn a minimum of a 70 average each semester in 5 out of 6 subjects (two of which must be Math and Language Arts) and pass the Gateway Writing Test in order to earn promotion to the ninth grade.


First Semester   = first and second nine weeks

Second Semester = third and fourth nine weeks


Also, eighth grade students must score a (level 2-Meets expectations) or higher performance on the Reading and Mathematics subtests of Georgia’s Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) as one criteria for promotion.



Here are the type of assignments and their corresponding value.



Daily Work (includes homework, class work, labs, projects)






9 Week Benchmark Tests (end of each grading period)



Help Day
Our Help Day is Wednesday morning from 8:15 a.m. to 8:50 a.m.

I, as well as my teammates, use <www.homeworknow.com> to post daily, weekly, and long term assignments. I also use this site to share general information and announcements with you. I suggest you visit this site at least once each week. I update it each Monday and usually again on Wednesday.

Field Trip Eligibility
Some students choose not to complete assignments. A student will be ineligible to attend field trips in that nine week period, if she/he fails to complete all work within the prescribed time and/or the student has received a behavioral referral and/or suspension from school prior to the field trip.

Progress Reports
I can send progress reports electronically if I have your email address. (Students love this.) Although, I have the capability of sending progress reports, at any time with or without their knowledge, it should be their responsibility to request a progress report whether it is a hard copy or an electronic copy. Many goals are accomplished simultaneously when a procedure is in place at home whereby the student receives either positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement for their responsibilities.

For instance if you would like a progress report each Friday, your son or daughter would come to me and request I provide a hard copy or send you an electronic copy. When your son or daughter arrives home and hands the progress report to you, positive consequences are earned such as, the opportunity to watch television, play video games, go outside, rent a movie, or whatever is in place. If your son or daughter fails to provide the report, then your son or daughter looses the opportunity to watch television, play video games, go outside, rent a movie, or whatever is in place.

My preference is to provide a hard copy. I sent approximately 50 reports home the first week of school as a way of testing the email addresses I have on file. I received about 20 messages announcing “undeliverable mail” even though most all of the addresses were correct. It would be unfortunate for one of my kids to loose privileges if I sent an electronic report and, for reasons beyond their or my control, and the report never arrived.

Now with all of that said, if you do not agree with me simply email me when you would like a report and I will send one.


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Behavior Philosophy

We believe in a management plan that fosters a positive environment where students are responsible for their learning and behavior. Our system encourages students to use good judgment and to act responsibly. Our goal is to offer
a fair, consistent classroom environment that will produce an atmosphere conducive to learning.
Class Rules
1. Be Prompt
- Come to class on time.
- Return forms, progress reports, etc. on time.
2. Be Prepared
- Have all materials ready for class.
- Go to lockers at designated times.
- Throw trash away before class begins or after class is over.
3. Be on Task
- Work quietly and independently on written assignments and tests when appropriate.
- Listen attentively.
- Respond during discussions.
- Work cooperatively in groups when appropriate.
4. Be Considerate
- Speak softly
- Use good manners and be considerate to others.
- Walk quietly in the hall.
- Raise your hand to get permission to speak.
- Keep your work area clean.
5. Be Responsible
- Take care of all school materials and equipment.
- Study Daily
- Be aware of and follow all school rules (Refer to


Parents did you know that you can keep tabs on your child's behavior  by looking in the back of their agenda at their behavior sticker? We, their teachers, will initial it whenever they progress to the next level on our management plan. Please let them know that you know about this.

Cell Phones and Pagers

Students are allowed to have cell phones and pagers at school.  Cell phones / pagers must be turned off and out of sight during the school day.  This applies to instructional and non-instructional times such as lunch, class-change, etc.  Cell phones are not to be used on the bus to or from school.  Cell phones / pagers may not be displayed on a student's person, backpack, purse or locker.

Choices, Consequences and Classroom Management
All choices have consequences. Appropriate choices may result in special events, and/or classroom celebrations. Inappropriate choices/breaking class rules may result in verbal warnings, silent lunch, counseling with student, parent-teacher conference, or detention. Students who continue to demonstrate inappropriate choices will be referred to the administration. It is our desire to keep parents informed if problems persist.
The severity of some students' choices override the management plan and could result in automatic detentions and/or administrative referral. Examples of these choices would include but not be limited to weapons, drugs, violence, harassment, destruction/defacing of property, etc
A student-teacher-parent conference may be held at any time to determine how to deal with ongoing disciplinary problems.
Our school rules will be strictly enforced.



Gum & Emergency Drills 

If a student chooses to chew gum he/she will earn silent lunch, detention, and/or a possible administrative referral. If a student chooses to talk during an Emergency Drill he/she will be assigned an automatic detention. If the behavior continues the student may earn a possible administrative referral.

Team detentions are held on Thursday mornings from 8:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. If the student misses or cannot attend, his/her choices are: Administrative Detention which is held on Fridays from 7:00 AM to 0:00 AM, or Saturday School which is 8:55 AM to 12:00 PM.

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Science Class

Here are some links that will take you to notes, study questions, and other items of interest. (Well, they may not be items of interest for some of my students, but I think they're interesting.)



 Unit 1 – Introduction to Matter (They are all PDF files.)

Chapter 1 Study Questions – The World of Physical Science

Chapter 2 Study Questions – The Properties of Matter

Chapter 3 Study Questions – States of Matter

Chapter 4 Study Questions – Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

Chapter 2 Physical Change or Chemical Change
Chapter 2 States of Matter Data Table

Chapter 2 States of Matter p. 60 - 73
Chapter 2 States of Matter Student Packet 

Chapter 3 - 2 Column Notes questions
Chapter 3 Charles' Law 
Chapter 3 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
Chapter 4 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

  Unit 2 – Motion and Forces (They are all PDF files.)

Chapter 5 Study Questions -  Matter in Motion

Chapter 6 Study Questions – Forces in Motion

Chapter 7 Study Questions -  Forces in Fluids  

Laws of Motion Notes about the Laws of Motion.

Chapter 7 Experiments with Fluids

 Unit 3 – Work, Machines, and Energy (They are all PDF files).

Chapter 8 Study Questions – Work and Machines

Chapter 9 Study Questions – Energy and Energy Resources

Chapter 10 Study Questions – Heat and Heat Technology


Chapter 8 Balloon Popper
Chapter 8 Balloon Popper Rubric
Chapter 9 2 Column Notes
Chapter 9 Study Guide for Heat Energy

Chapter 9 Section 2 Notes

<>Chapter 9 Section 3 & 4 Notes
Chapter 10 2-Column Notes Section 1
Chapter 10 2-Column Notes Section 2
Chapter 10 Application of Heat Conduction

Unit 4 – The Atom (They are all PDF files.) 

Chapter 11 Study Questions – Introduction to Atoms 

Chapter 12 Study Questions – The Periodic Table


Chapter 12 Anticipation Guide on Grouping
Chapter 12 Periodic Table

Unit 5 – Interactions of Matter (They are all PDF files).

Chapter 13 Study Questions – Chemical Bonding

Chapter 14 Study Questions – Chemical Reactions

Chapter 15 Study Questions – Chemical Compounds

Chapter 16 Study Questions – Atomic Energy


Unit 6 – Electricity (They are all PDF files).

Chapter 17 Study Questions - Introduction to Electricity

Chapter 18 Study Questions – Electromagnetism

Chapter 19 Study Questions – Electronic Technology

Chapter 17 Anticapitation Guide

Unit 7 – Waves, Sound, and Light (You guess it, they’re all PDF files.)

Chapter 20 Study Questions – The Energy of Waves

Chapter 21 Study Questions – The Nature of Sound

Chapter 22 Study Questions – The Nature of Light

Chapter 23 Study Questions – Light and Our World

Chapter 21 2-Column Notes

 These files are for Project X-35. They are all PDF files. 
 Project X-35 Budget
 Project X-35 Checklist
 Project X-35 Nose Cone Instructions
 Project X-35 Proposal Request
 Project X-35 Time Line

Here are the Power Point presentations I use.

Chemistry Notes

Properties of Matter

States of Matter

Most of these files are PDF files. You need Adobe Acrobat reader is use/print this file. There is a link above in the "Hot Links" table that will take you to the site to download this file. It's free.

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I am looking forward to a rewarding and successful year as we work together. If you have any questions, please contact me at 554-1000. You may also e-mail me using the link at the bottom of this page. Thank you for working with me for your child's benefit.

Thank you!

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If you have comments or suggestions, email me at james_reeves@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

 This photo was taken by a newsperson from the New York Times.
All other photographs are owned by Dr. Reeves.