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How to complete the paperwork and submit your projects to the Gwinnett Student Media Festival:

Please fill out one form for each entry on the google spreadsheet by March 11, 2016..
If you have any questions or need assistance you can email Deborah Gray at: daegs312@gmail,com

Entries must be hand-delivered or couriered to Broadcast & Distance Learning at the ISC by March 18, 2016

Submission of Projects to the Gwinnett Student Media Festival:

Animation, Live Action Video, Sequential Stills (all types), and Interactive Still entries must be submitted on a CD or DVD. (Entries requiring Hyperstudio or Kidpix for viewing will no longer be accepted.)

Podcast: All podcast entries must be available for download from the Internet, but due to technological uncertainties all podcast entries must include a backup CD or DVD.

Website: All URL addresses must be live, but due to technology uncertainties you must include a backup CDs or DVD. (Important Note: A "site map" must be included. This could either be in a flow chart or table of contents format).