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    The Rock Springs Elementary staff would like to welcome you to our 2010-2011school year.  We have worked very hard to plan and prepare for a successful year which will include concentrated emphasis on reading, writing, mathematics, technology, and building a school climate that is comfortable, motivating, safe and secure.  We are prepared to successfully guide our students toward mastery of the Academic Knowledge and Skills, and we are committed to providing opportunities for students to practice respect and responsibility.  We feel so very fortunate to be continuing in such a beautiful facility filled with state of the art resources.  We eagerly await a long and successful parent / school partnership!

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    Gwinnett County Public Schools will become a system of world-class schools where students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful as they continue their education at the postsecondary level and/or enter the workforce.

    The mission of Gwinnett County Public Schools is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for each student, resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards.

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    Strategic Goals to Support the Mission (Adopted 4/11/02)
    Goal 1: Gwinnett County Public Schools will ensure a world-class education for all students by focusing on teaching and learning the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum.
    Goal 2: Gwinnett County Public Schools will ensure a safe, secure, and orderly environment for all.
    Goal 3: Gwinnett County Public Schools will optimize student achievement through responsible stewardship of its financial resources and the proactive pursuit of all resources necessary to meet current and future demands.
    Goal 4: Gwinnett County Public Schools will recruit, employ, develop, and retain a workforce that achieves the mission and goals of the organization.
    Goal 5: Gwinnett County Public Schools will meet the continuing and changing demand for essential information through technological systems and processes that support effective performance and desired results.
    Goal 6: Gwinnett County Public Schools will provide and manage the system's facilities and operations in an exemplary manner as determined by programmatic needs and best management practices.
    Goal 7: Gwinnett County Public Schools will apply continuous quality improvement strategies and principles as the way the organization does business.

    A Strategic Vision for Results

    “A Strategic Vision for Results” is intended to communicate, internally and externally, Gwinnett County Public Schools’ strategic direction. As such, it provides the foundation for the strategic goals that guide the school system’s work now and seven-to-ten years forward.
    The document is divided into ten major components of the organization. It lists for each of them the desired qualities and characteristics we believe are essential in a system of world-class schools. The document captures the desired state toward which we continuously strive. It also reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence, instructionally and operationally, through continuous quality improvement and accountability for results.

    Vision for GCPS. . .
    As a highly regarded school system that is committed to being world class, Gwinnett County Public Schools will strive to become:
    a. A system that is acknowledged, accepted, admired, and emulated by customers, stakeholders, professional peers, and competitors alike as a school system that is the best in its class.
    b. A system of world-class schools where students demonstrate the knowledge and skills to be successful as they continue their education at the postsecondary level and/or enter the work force.
    c. A system that is the school system of choice, worthy of the public’s support and confidence.

    Vision for Leadership…

    As internal stakeholders in a system of world-class schools, leaders in Gwinnett County Public Schools, regardless of position or job area:
    a. Are passionate about the vision, mission and goals of the school system.
    b. Effectively and consistently communicate to those they supervise how their work links and contributes to excellence in teaching and learning in the GCPS.
    c. Lead by example and model the principles of “quality leadership” by being focused on the customer, the team, data, and results.
    d. Exhibit high energy, energize others, and execute plans that turn vision into reality.
    e. Are committed to being lifelong learners.
    f. Accept that leadership is responsibility, not position, titles, or money.
    g. Believe that every employee in every area of the school system has the capacity to be a leader.
    h. Continually improve their own job performance so that the organization will continually improve. (continued)
    i. Clearly understand what constitutes effective performance in the organization in order to achieve the desired results.
    j. Nurture and promote a performance culture within their areas of the organization.
    k. Understand that communication is an indispensable, primary responsibility of leadership.

    Vision for Employees. . .

    As key players in our quest to become a system of world-class schools, GCPS employees will be:
    a. Committed to high expectations for student learning and willingly accountable for the results achieved.
    b. Respectful of the cultural differences among groups of students and employees.
    c. Caring, competent, and passionate in carrying out their responsibilities in an ethical manner.
    d. Committed to continuous improvement-- customer focused, internally and externally; results oriented, and accountability driven.
    e. Effective communicators within the organization and with the community.
    f. Loyal to Gwinnett County Public Schools and supportive of its vision, mission, and goals.
    g. Proficient users of technology.
    h. Role models for all students, the community, and those in the education profession.
    i. Lifelong learners committed to high standards of personal and professional growth.
    j. Recognized for superior skills and overall job performance.

    Vision for Students. . .

    As customers of a system of world-class schools, our students will:
    a. Perform on or above grade level as measured by the standards set in our essential curriculum, the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS), and evidenced through various local, state, national, and international assessments.
    b. Take responsibility for their own learning and achievement.
    c. Be successful after high school, whether they continue their formal education or immediately enter the workforce.
    d. Learn in classrooms that are safe, orderly, and free from violence or disruption of any kind.
    e. Demonstrate traditional values and good work habits.
    f. Value and appreciate their school experience.
    g. Develop and exhibit leadership and teamwork skills through their daily studies and participation in extracurricular activities.
    h. Become effective problem solvers and communicators through the proficient use of technology.

    Vision for Parents/Guardians. . .

    As the child’s first and foremost teachers, and essential partners in a system of world-class schools, the parents/guardians of our students will be:
    a. Involved in appropriate and meaningful ways at the local school and system levels.
    b. Engaged with the child and the teacher(s) in the process of teaching and learning in the school, home, and community.
    c. Proponents of setting high academic and behavioral expectations for their child, and active participants in helping the child meet or exceed them.
    d. Partners in accountability for their child’s achievement.
    e. Comfortable in all interactions with school personnel on behalf of the child.
    f. Supportive of the school’s goals and initiatives in order to contribute to the school’s effectiveness and the child’s academic success.
    g. Diligent in communicating with the teacher and the school on a regular, ongoing basis, making use of oral, written, and electronic means of sharing information, concerns, and ideas regarding the child’s learning.
    h. Well-informed advocates for the school system’s direction and initiatives.

    Vision for Curriculum and Instruction. . .

    As the essential product and the core process of our system of world-class schools, curriculum and instruction in the GCPS will be distinguished by:
    a. Clear alignment of the curriculum with instruction and assessment.
    b. The continual review and revision of the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) based on input from faculty, staff, parents, and the community.
    c. Widespread knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) as a world-class curriculum.
    d. A clear focus on desired results.
    e. Teachers’ ability to access within and beyond the classroom the student data necessary for planning instruction.
    f. Assessments that are used as teaching and learning tools as well as measures of performance, including Gateway tests that are used in making promotion decisions.
    g. Instructional strategies that are relevant, challenging, and engaging to the learner.
    h. Teachers’ ability to teach and assess reading as a first priority and a foundation for learning across the curriculum.
    i. A commitment to providing both academic extensions to challenge students and appropriate interventions to help students who need more time and opportunity to learn.

    Vision for Information Management and Technology. . .

    As indispensable parts of the instructional and administrative infrastructure of any system of world-class schools, information management and technology in the GCPS will:
    a. Advance teaching and learning, with an emphasis on learning and problem-solving.
    b. Provide learning opportunities through which students and staff receive, gather, analyze, and/or present information.
    c. Provide all users the information, skills, and tools they need to perform their jobs effectively and make data-driven decisions.
    d. Help teachers facilitate and evaluate student learning through a variety of methods with anytime, anywhere access.
    e. Facilitate communication between the system and its internal and external customers.
    f. Enable the system to achieve operational and analytical excellence through the use of progressive technology solutions.

    Vision for Facilities. . .

    As a system of world-class schools, GCPS’ facilities will include:
    a. Classrooms within a standard school building for all students.
    b. Continual improvement of schools so they conform to systemwide specifications and standards.
    c. Schools that are designed, organized, and managed to ensure flexibility so that small learning communities may be created within large schools.
    d. Appropriate spaces for alternative, nontraditional, or specialized programs that are necessary in order to meet our students’ varying instructional needs at all school levels.
    e. Learning arenas beyond the classroom that contribute to increased student achievement, including system-level performing arts centers, an adult/teacher learning facility, and a community stadium for each school cluster.
    f. Schools and central support facilities that are equipped for the system’s standard technology applications.
    g. A central office facility to house all administrative and instructional personnel.
    h. Attractive, well-maintained buildings and grounds.

    Vision for Communication…

    As a vital component of a system of world-class schools, a communication culture will be embraced throughout the organization that:
    a. Acknowledges that communication is the responsibility of every internal and external stakeholder.
    b. Promotes honest, reliable, two-way communication that builds trust and meets the highest standards of candor, openness, and accuracy.
    c. Is grounded in a commitment to share accurate, timely, meaningful information with and by stakeholders.
    d. Is driven by the needs and wants of the intended audience and involves the use of multiple communication channels.
    e. Empowers stakeholders to be knowledgeable participants in the decision-making processes of the school system.

    Vision for Public Image and Community Pride . . .

    As a major factor in the economic vitality of the community at large, Gwinnett County Public Schools will constantly strive to be a system of world-class schools that:
    a. Continually earns the trust of taxpayers and citizens through effective management of its resources-- financial, human, and physical.
    b. Encourages the involvement of business partners in integrating instruction with workplace experiences for students and teachers.
    c. Actively engages parents and community leaders in the work of the school and the system for the benefit of students.
    d. Contributes to the county’s success and well-being through the leadership and contributions of its employees in the community.
    e. Attracts residents, as well as employers, to Gwinnett County because of the system’s reputation for excellence in teaching and learning for all students.
    f. Is regarded by the public as a school system of choice, worthy of the public’s support and confidence.
    g. Effectively communicates with all audiences, both internal and external.

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    Academic Knowledge & Skills

    What are the Academic Knowledge and Skills?
    Gwinnett's curriculum for grades K–12 is called the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS). The AKS for each grade level (or subject area at the high school level) spell out the essential things students are expected to know and be able to do in that particular grade or subject. They offer a solid base on which teachers build rich curricular experiences. Teachers use curriculum guides, textbooks, technology, and other materials to teach the AKS and to make sure every student is learning to his or her potential. Because the AKS detail exactly what a child is expected to learn, teachers can tailor the classroom experience to meet a child's individual needs.

    Please click on the link below to view the Academic Knowledge and Skills database for all grades in Gwinnett County Public Schools.
    The listing is subdivided by grade, discipline, and objective type.

                     Academic Knowledge And Skills

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    What are the Promotion Requirements?
    Visit the link below for more information on promotion requirements for students in these grades.

    2010 - 2011 Promotion Requirements

    Please click on the link below to view a "question and answer" page for AKS and Gateway Test from Gwinnett County Public Schools.

                AKS/Gateway "Question and Answer" Page

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    Department Of Education Report Card on Rock Springs

    Click here to open/download PDF file that contains Rock Spring's 2004-2005 Accountability Report
    Click here to open/download PDF file that contains Rock Spring's 2005-2006 Accountability Report
    Click here to open/download PDF file that contains Rock Spring's 2006-2007 Accountability Report
    Click here to open/download PDF file that contains Rock Spring's 2007-2008 Accountability Report   Click here to open/download PDF file that contains Rock Spring's 2008-2009 Accountability Report

    Click here to open/download PDF file that contains Rock Spring's 2009-2010 Accountability Report




    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader  to view this application. Download it  here

    Governor's Office of Student Achievement (School Report Cards)

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    Cluster Schools

    Rock Springs is part of the Collins Hill Cluster. Our Students attend Creekland Middle School and Collins Hill High School. Other Elementary Schools In our cluster include: Dyer Elementary, McKendree Elementary, Taylor Elementary, and Walnut Grove Elementary .

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    Teacher Of The Year

    Teacher Of The Year at Rock Springs for the 2009-2010 school year is...Ms. Madden!

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    School hours are from 8:15 am - 2:45 pm for students.  Students may begin entering the building no earlier than 7:45 am.  Car riders are dismissed at 2:40 pm.  Bus call begins at 2:45 pm.  Students who arrive late must be signed in at the office by a parent.  A tardy pass will be issued at this time.

    Staff hours are:  Monday, Thursday, Friday (7:30 am - 3:15 pm)
         Tuesday, Wednesday (7:30 am - 4:00 pm)

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    SCHOOL CALENDAR 2010 - 2011

    Click here to download a printable copy!

    This is a .PDF file and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Click here for FREE download

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    The Gwinnett County Public Schools' Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) for each grade level serve as the foundation for Rock Springs' instructional program.

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    Homework is an extension of the learning process meant to reinforce, enhance, or continue learning that has begun at school.  Homework is a way to keep parents informed about and involved with the child's school work.  It is a method of helping students establish self-discipline and study skills.  The role of the parent is to provide support and encouragement.  The role of the school is to assign meaningful homework.  Through a strong home-school partnership, homework has the potential to increase learning time and student achievement.

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    Rock Springs Elementary has instructional programs which support the classroom teacher.  The services provided are:


    Gifted Education in the Gwinnett County Public Schools is a part of the system's Center for Educational Programs.  The procedures for identifying and placing students in the gifted program, which is funded by the state, are governed by the rules and regulations approved by the State Department of Education.  Referrals to the gifted program may come from teachers, parents, peers, or as the result of system wide testing scores.
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    Students in grades K-5 will receive a combination of these services.
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    Services include classroom guidance, small group counseling, and individual conferences.  Individual and small group service can be initiated by a student, staff member, or parent.
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    ESOL: (English to Speakers of Other Languages)

    Designated students for whom English is a second language will receive support in learning the English language.
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    Books, magazines, software, reference materials, audio-visual materials and computers are available for student use during the entire school day.  A certified Media Specialist is available for assistance to students and staff.  Students are encouraged to check out a wide variety of media materials for assigned study and for recreational use.
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    Programs in Reading Intervention will be offered to designated students by a Reading Specialist.
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    Services include speech and language therapy; and services for the learning disabled, intellectually disabled, emotionally handicapped, emotional / behavior disorders, and Other Health Impaired.  It is the practice of the Gwinnett County Public Schools to provide instructional and related services appropriate to provide a free appropriate public education for individuals with documented disabilities.  Individuals may contact their local school for information regarding such services
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    This team, made up of administrators, teachers, and support personnel helps determine alternative strategies for students having difficulty in the classroom.
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    All school doors are locked during instructional hours except for the front entrance, which is manned by a security volunteer.

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    Confidential GCPS Hot Line - HELP KEEP YOUR SCHOOL SAFE!  If you think or know that someone is carrying a weapon, drugs or alcohol on school property, please call 770-822-6513.  You do not have to give your name.

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    Parents are encouraged to visit the classrooms; however, arrangements need to be made in advance.  All visitors will be cleared with the teacher, and will need to sign in at the office and secure a visitor's tag.

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    The school clinic is staffed by a medically trained clinic worker.

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    The school cafeteria is an important part of the health and wellness program of the school.  Food and milk choices are offered to encourage participation and good nutrition.  A well balanced, hot lunch is offered to students for $1.75 daily.  Adult meals cost $3.00. Reduced student lunch is $0.40.  Extra milk can be purchased for an additional $0.40 and an additional entree can be purchased for $1.50.  A menu will be sent home monthly.  It will include breakfast and lunch choices.

     Breakfast is available between 7:45 - 8:10 am at a cost of $1.00 daily.  Reduced breakfast will be $0.40.

    Your child may pay cash daily or purchase a cafeteria "Debit Card."  Please include your student's account number when writing checks for pre-payment.

    You may pay for your child's account using check or credit card using the On-Line Prepay from Just click on this link  to get started. 

    Menus - Click here to view the current menu.

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    Students have the option to purchase a variety of ice cream snacks.  These will be sold daily  for $0.50 each. The students can eat ice cream during the last 10 minutes of their lunch.  The profits from these ice cream sales will be used toward school purchases.

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    Individual student pictures are taken in the fall (September).  Group and individual pictures are taken in the spring (February).  These are offered as an option to students, and will be done by Jimmy Riley Photography.

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    Publix Facilities Services Department has been extremely generous to our school this year. They have donated much of their time and many items to our school. Extremely nice signs greet you when entering our buildings, the front hall proudly displays the birdhouse scenery, the hallways are easy to navigate due to the teacher classroom labels and directional arrows, many rooms are enjoying lofts for student use, and plants now brighten many areas in our building. Publix has spent many hours at our location, and will continue as the Rock Springs Mentor Program continues to help our students.

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    The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is the formal partnership between the school and its parents.  A wide range of committees oversee projects, activities, and regular assistance with instructional programs at Rock Springs.  Your membership and active participation are invited, encouraged, and greatly appreciated.  You will receive regular communication throughout the year regarding PTA programs and events.  Feel free to contact any one of the following PTA officers / committee chairpersons for information about how to get involved!  We need you!

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    2010-2011 PTA OFFICERS


    Tracy Solet           770-831-1532 
    Amy Carter            678-765-2787
    Co-Vice Presidents
    Heidi Sexton & Roxanne Seymore
    Elizabeth Searing      770-904-4697


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    Visit the "Brand New" Rock Springs Elementary PTA Website

    It is requested that all Rock Springs staff members join our PTA.

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    The Rock Springs PTA will sponsor two classroom parties this year. Room parents will coordinate these parties.

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