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Academic Team
Purpose: Team competes in Quiz Bowl tournaments. These events cover all academic subjects in a team format. The Academic Team thus promotes the highest standards in science, math, social studies, language arts, and the fine arts (including music, art, and drama), through competition and cooperation.
Sponsors: Mike Dumler, Max Brown
Activities: The Academic Team participates in several Quiz Bowl tournaments during the school year. These include the annual Georgia Academic Team Association Tournament in Macon (sponsored by GATA), the annual Gwinnett County PAGE Tournament (Professional Association of Georgia Educators), and also events sponsored by individual middle schools.

We also participate in on-line events (for 6th graders, 7th graders, and 8th graders) such as the Knowledge Master, an International tournament that attracts teams from schools in all 50 states.

7th and 8th grade team members practice on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons until 5:30 p.m. 6th grade team members practice on Wednesday afternoons until 5:30 p.m. 6th graders compete to join the older team members during the spring semester. Tournaments are held on Saturdays during the school year.

National, State. or Local Affiliations:
Georgia Academic Team Association which is the Georgia chapter of the National Academic Quiz Tournament Association
Art Club
Purpose: To give students the opportunity to express their creative, artistic capabilities within an unstructured classroom environment.
To explore different art styles and media.
Sponsors: Patricia Osborne, Doreen Williams
Activities: Meet for 1 to 1.5 hours in the afternoon every other week. The members will decide the agenda
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Band / Jazz Band
Purpose: To provide an education in instrumental music for the middle age learner.
Sponsors: James Hemphill
Activities: Fall, Winter, and Spring concerts. The jazz band will provide entertainment at home basketball games and at Shiloh Showcase
National, State. or Local Affiliations: GMEA & MENC
Boys Basketball
Purpose: To provide quality basketball instruction to student athletes.
To provide an avenue of competition with other schools.
To develop good sportsmanship, teamwork, and school spirit.
Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate in this sport. Requirements include passing five of six classes the second semester of the seventh grade year and passing all required areas of the seventh grade Gateway and CRCT.

Coach: John Seay

Asst. Coach: Marsha Jones

Activities: Daily Practice, Play games with other Gwinnett County Middle Schools. Play in county tournament.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Purpose: To provide leaders for the student body and to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship. this sport is a vital part of the school's athletic program which also provides an opportunity for students to participate in a highly skilled and well-coordinated group Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate in this sport. Requirements include passing five of six classes the second semester of the seventh grade year and passing all required areas of the seventh grade Gateway and CRCT.
Sponsors: Pam Berrong and Michelle Sampson
Activities: Cheer at all our school's basketball games. Lead the crowd in spirit chants at all pep rallies coordinated through the school. Assist Peer Leaders with 5th grade orientation
National, State. or Local Affiliations:
We adhere to all policies and guidelines set forth by our local county athletic department, specifically with regards to middle school cheerleading
Chess Club
Purpose: To learn or increase knowledge of the game of chess.
Sponsors: Jay Barbour & Katie Wester Neal
Activities: Weekly games on Wednesday mornings. Three tournaments per year
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Purpose: To learn choral literature, vocal technique, and concert performance practices.
Sponsors: Dierdre Palmore, Parent Volunteers, Accompanist
Activities: Evening concerts. Honor chorus auditions, rehearsals, performances--off campus.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: GMEA & MENC
Community of Readers
Purpose: To promote pleasure reading in all genres of reading
Sponsors: Phyllis Lipsett, Margaret Butler, Kay Williamson
Activities: Students read books from an approved list. In May we have a party to celebrate everyone who reached the Community goal.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Drama Club
Purpose: "Spotlight on Shiloh" was formed to give every student, no matter their experience or lack thereof, the opportunity to learn about different aspects of stage performance and the chance to participate in a production on and off the stage. It is open to any Shiloh Middle student regardless of grade level, gender, or experience. It is the mission of the club to ignite the interest of students toward Theater Arts and to help nurture and develop that interest.
Sponsors: Morris Tubesing, Phyllis Lipsett,
Activities: Usually meets 4 or 5 times a school year. First meeting is organizational and introductory. Meeting topics include how to audition for a play, stage make-up, skits and monologues, and basic staging and stage movement.

Club members make posters to advertise productions and form committees to work on productions. Grade level auditions, rehearses, and performs a play in the fall. Each spring a production is performed involving all three grade levels.

National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Fabulous Book Club
Purpose: To promote pleasure reading.
Sponsors: Phyllis Lipsett, Margaret Butler, Kay Williamson
Activities: We meet once a month to discuss books in a certain genre. Students are encouraged to share or review a book they have read.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Girls Basketball
Purpose: To promote good sportsmanship.
To enhance and develop skills in basketball.
To develop a well rounded young lady on and off the court.
To develop leadership abilities abilities on and off the basketball court.
To enhance skills for high school.
Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate in this sport. Requirements include passing five of six classes the second semester of the seventh grade year and passing all required areas of the seventh grade Gateway and CRCT.
Sponsors: Coach: Sue Ann Williamson
Assistant: DelMarshae Deans-Irving
Activities: Learn new skills in basketball conditioning. Learn rules for basketball. Practice and condition.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Purpose: For students to learn the basics of various sports and learn the ideas of team work and sportsmanship.
Sponsors: Tim Bronkema, Karma Nelson
Activities: Students participate in basketball, battleball, flag football, volleyball, and board games
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Junior Achievement
Purpose: To teach children about today's economy, develop character skills, and reinforce the value of staying in school. By using hands on experience, JA brings the real world to students, opening their minds to their full potential by bridging the business and education communities.
Sponsors: Rebekah O'Brien, Gary Wansley and Ernie Johnston
Activities: This organization participates in a six week course presented by business and/or community volunteers. Courses included Economics for Success and Global Marketplace. JA also participates in a Job Shadow program where students are able to go out into the workplace and meet with professionals and entrepreneurs throughout our community.
National, State. or Local Affiliations:
JA is nationally recognized throughout the United States. Junior Achievement of Georgia, Inc. is located at 460 Abernathy Road, NE Atlanta, Georgia 30328. JA is not affiliated with the United Way and does not accept government funding.
Jr. Beta Club
Purpose: This is a civic service organization based on academic achievement and community service. In order to be a member, students must maintain an 87 or higher grade average and maintain satisfactory performance in conduct and effort. While the club is based on academics, the focus of the group is community service throughout the  year. Students plan monthly meetings to focus on service projects. In addition students work independently during the year to provide service to their school, family, and community.
Sponsors: Candy Bold, Cathy Lindsay, Kathy Lobe, Julia Espana, Kayla McCarthy, Nicole Emrick, Garnet Messer, Miranda Pearson, Whitney Tinley
Activities: The club meets the third Tuesday of every month. The meetings are held in the mornings from 8:00-9:00 a.m. with the exception of April and May. These meetings are held in the afternoon from 4:00-5:15 p.m. The meetings involve speakers and monthly projects. Projects during the year include making "goodie bags" for the shelters at Halloween, sandwiches for the local soup kitchen, writing letters and sending packages to the military overseas, providing season thank you's for the bus drivers, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, office staff, and counselors during the year, making posters and working throughout the year for Holiday Share campaign and Relay for Life, helping with 8th grade Carnival and Walk-a-thon.

In addition the students work at cluster elementary school festivals, holiday events, carnivals, and field days, and they give at least 15 hours community service outside of the club meeting time. The group also supports the MDA Shamrock campaign and participates in a club fundraiser to make other various charitable donations.

National, State. or Local Affiliations:
National Beta Club and National Jr. Beta Club
L.I.M.I.T.E.D Club
Purpose: To promote a drug free lifestyle.
Sponsors: Toi Beavers, Frances McConnell, Lori Schultz, Donna Kane
Activities: There are six meetings with activities each school year. There are speakers, service projects, games, skits and other activities that are designed to promote a drug free lifestyle.
National, State. or Local Affiliations:
Georgia Teen Institute and Shiloh Middle School PTSA
GUIDE (Gwinnett United In Drug Education)
Math Club
Purpose: Students gain greater appreciation for mathematics by exploring math concepts and activities that may be outside the regular curriculum. Students interested in math competition also prepare for such competitions, especially the annual Math Counts competition.
Sponsors: Kathy Traylor, Miranda Pearson
Activities: The club meets weekly to play math games, explore math concepts with math manipulatives, solve challenge problems, explore math software, and math-related online activities in the computer lab, practice for math competitions and other math activities.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: Math Counts
Purpose: To teach the fundamentals of playing string instruments.
To help students develop musical skills.
To teach students to play string instruments by  using quality, age appropriate music.
To develop performance skills.
Sponsors: Whitney Tinley
Activities: Fall Concert (grades 7 & 8)
Holiday Concert (grades 7&8)
Premier Concert (grade 6)
Pre-Festival Concert (grades 7&8)
GMEA - Solo and Ensemble
GMEA - large group performance evaluation
Tapestry Festival (grade 6)
Spring Concert (grades 6-8)
Kendall Youth Orchestra
(County Honor Orchestra)
All-State Orchestra
National, State. or Local Affiliations: GMEA
Science Club
Purpose: To provide students with extended practice of inquiry and research in the field of science. In order to be a member, students must be in seventh or eighth grade, maintain a "B" or higher average in all classes wit no U's in conduct. Students must be serious about conducting fun experiments/research using different scientific instruments. Students must be able to be picked up on time (6p.m.) every Monday and Wednesday after each session.
Sponsors: Elaine Howell
Activities: Students will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00 p.m. in room I11. They will conduct scientific research and experiments to develop a science project. They will participate in Shiloh Middle School Science Fair. If qualified they will also particiapte in regional and state fairs. Students will conduct and design investigations using the scientific method.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Shiloh Spartan Drill Team
Purpose: Promote school spirit, citizenship, leadership, and teamwork.
Designed to introduce students to basic march, drill, dance, and pom-pom techniques.
Sponsors: Erica Mayes, Karma Nelson, and Candice Clark
Activities: Perform at all home basketball games. Various opportunities throughout the school year to perform at local events.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Spartan Press Student Newspaper
Purpose: To be a "What's right with Shiloh" publication that also informs the students about what Shiloh is about.
Sponsors: Jean Callins, Cathy Lindsay, Charlotte Smith, John Seay, Candice Clark
Activities: We print at least three papers and have articles printed in "The Gwinnett Citizen"
National, State. or Local Affiliations:
The Gwinnett Citizen
Student Council
Purpose: To promote leadership skills and understand the importance of community service.
Sponsors:  Samantha Elam, John Lucier
Activities: Operate concessions at home basketball games. Coordinate the candy grams sales for Valentine's Day. Support activities for Relay for Life.
National, State. or Local Affiliations:  None
Technology Club
Purpose: To inspire students to explore and prepare for careers in the field of technology
Sponsors: Camilia Calvert
Activities: To plan and build projects using applied sciences from various fields of technology.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None
Track Club
Purpose: To prepare middle school students interested in track and field for track and field at Shiloh High School
Sponsors: Matt Adams, Rayvin Guyton, Patrick Reifsteck, Shiloh High School Track and Field Booster Club
Activities: The track season will begin in the spring and extend through the summer.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: Shiloh H S Track and Field
Purpose: To design and create the Shiloh Middle School yearbook. From choosing the theme to creating each page, the students are responsible for interviews, writing copy and captions, taking or arranging for photographs and creating the layout for every page in the yearbook.
The staff strives to capture the middle school experience through words and pictures and to give the middle school students a record of the year they can look back on and treasure.
Sponsors: Cathy Lindsay and Jessica Driver
Activities: The staff meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30-9:00 a.m. to plan, design, and layout the yearbook pages. Using the desktop publishing program InDesign and Herff Jones templates, the students and sponsors design the layouts, write the body copy, create the captions, and insert the digital pictures to create the pages for the yearbook. They also work together to create the theme and design the cover and endsheets. Other responsibilities involve advertising and selling yearbooks throughout the year, working on the end of the year slide show, and typing and drawing for hte literary magazine Silhouette.
National, State. or Local Affiliations: None