Handbook Highlights



Participation, preparation, and self-discipline are expectations of all orchestra members.

Nine weeks grades will be calculated with the following percentages:

50% playing tests

35% participation

15% practice records



Students are expected to attend class with the following materials:


      music/method book



      shoulder rest/shaped sponge for violin & viola players


Practice expectations for all grades are that students will be 3 hours of practice in each 2 week period. This may be divided up in whatever method is best for the family, however, shorter practice periods more frequently are usually more beneficial.

Grading for practice records will be as follows:

2-3 hours per practice card = A

1-2 hours per practice card = B

Less than 1 hour per card = C


Replacement Strings


All violins and violas are expected to have 4 strings at all times.

Replacement strings , shoulder sponges, and rosin will be available for purchase through the orchestra department all year.

If a string breaks:

n  Bring your instrument and $5 to the orchestra room IN THE MORNING.

n  The orchestra teachers will have the new string replaced by class time.


Concert Attire

All students will have an opportunity at the beginning of the school year to purchase an orchestra shirt.

Required uniform for all performances throughout the year, for all grades includes:


black orchestra shirt

khaki pants

dark shoes and socks


Concert Attendance

Participating in a music class will require performances after school hours. It is very important that all members be present for these events. An absence of even one performer can make a big difference in the success experienced by the entire group. Please arrange transportation in advance, and let the directors know if there is a problem.

Concert attendance will count as two playing test grades.

Students who miss a concert

- MUST have a note from a parent or guardian explaining the absence.

Excused absences include death in the family or sudden illness.

- Perform teacher-selected pieces from the concert in front of the class

- write an essay (minimum 2 pages) on a music topic assigned by the teacher