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Buying an Instrument

Buying an instrument is a big step and can be confusing.  However, the fact is that leasing an instrument for more than a year will end up costing MUCH more in the long run.  If your child has come this far, the time to purchase is here.

The student instrument your child has started on will be sufficient throughout their school music experience.  I will never suggest that you must buy a new instrument (vs. a used one) or that you must purchase an intermediate (or step-up) instrument. With that in mind, I will make the following qualifications:

 If you are considering purchasing an instrument I recommend the following:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE--- talk to a band director or better yet have a band director play test any used instrument you are considering.
We are always willing to look at an instrument for general observations and will “play test” the instrument for you.  We can often spot potential problems and help you to avoid a “bad horn”.

In buying a used instrument, consider the following:

ALWAYS,  have your child play the instrument before you buy!!
They need to play with their regular mouthpiece, reeds, etc., if at all possible because different mouthpieces make a HUGE difference! Send the student into another room and have them play scales, long tones and songs they know.  The idea is to get a feel for how the instrument plays and how it feels to play.  Surprising your child with new horn could backfire!

If the seller is unwilling to meet these conditions, remember: “Buyer beware!!!”

Generally good brands: This list is not complete! If in doubt, please ask us!

Instrument  Options and Upgrades






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