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Daily Instrument Maintenance

A Clean Instrument Plays Better and is HEALTHIER!

All instruments have a regular cleaning routine:

Woodwinds: swab the inside after playing to remove moisture.Wipe off fingerprints with a clean,dry cloth.  Once per month use a small brush or pipe cleaner to carefully remove fuzz from under the keys.

Brass: empty all water in the horn and wipe off fingerprints with a clean, dry cloth.  The most important part of brass maintenance is to keep the valves oiled and slides greased!! This is the equivalent of keeping oil in your car engine!!

Brass instruments need a tub bath once per quarter. Place a towel in the bottom of the bathtub; fill tub with warm water to cover the horn; add a few drops of dish washing soap (like Dawn). Soak disassembled instrument in warm water for about 10 minutes; use cleaning brushes to clean all surfaces keeping instrument under water while brushing. Rinse, dry, reapply oil / grease and reassemble.

Percussion: simply turn off snares when you are finished each time.  Wipe off dust with a clean damp cloth once per month.

All woodwinds and brass  mouthpieces  need to be cleaned at least once per week!!  This is especially important now that cold and flu season is here! Students can reinfect themselves from their mouthpiece after they have been sick!! Simply wash in the sink with warm water and soap.
Reed players should throw away the reed they used when they were sick to avoid the risk of reinfection.

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