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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Summary and Review Equations and Inequalities
Exponents and Powers Functions
Order of Operations Solving Word Problems
Tables and Graphs Words to Symbols and Vice Versa

Chapter 2

Absolute Value Adding Real Numbers
Chapter 2 Vocabulary Words Combining Like Terms
Dividing Numbers Most Common Errors
Multiplying Real Numbers Subtracting Real Numbers
The Distributive Property The Real Number Line

Chapter 3

One Step Equations Ratios, Rates and Percents.
Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides Solving Multi Step Equations
Using Formulas. chp3vocab

Chapter 4

Coordinate Plane Graphing Linear Equations
Vocabulary 4 Chapter 4 Summary and Review
Direct Variation Horizontal and Vertical Lines
Interceptions Slope Intercept Form
Slope of the Line Part 1 Slope of a Line Part 2
The 3 Ways of Graphing an Equation 2 Slope Intercept