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Free MorningTutoring

1.  Take advantage of free on team tutoring before school at 8:15 as arranged with the team teachers.  Student will need a pass written in their agenda book to enter the building.


2.  Second semester, your child may be invited to Shiloh Middle School Academic Assistance Classes—look in report card envelope for registration papers.


Academic Assistance Program

Students qualify to attend the Academic Assistance program if they made a U grade during the first, second or third nine weeks grading period. The Academic Assistance Program will be offered in January and March; however, early morning tutoring will be held each Tuesday through Friday at 8:15 during the first semester also (1. and 2. above).


Students may participate in 4 Academic Assistance Program classes per year maximum. Each class provides 18 hours of additional time needed to learn and demonstrate a student’s ability to apply  the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS).


Parents must  pay $75 tuition for the Academic Assistance Program classes.

            One morning registration will be held each time offered.

            One evening registration will be held each time offered..


Student will be registered upon paying for class and turning in registration paper work.


100% attendance is required; however, a student who has a one day absence may be allowed to continue.

·        A student may only have 1 absence maximum.

·        A student with 2 absences will be removed from the roll.  He/she may not earn credit. He/she may continue to attend for remediation.  There is no reimbursement.

·        Any attendance appeals must be made to Devon Williams, Principal, in writing within two days of the absence.


A grade of U will be changed to 70 if and only if a student earns 70 on a post test that covers the AKS for the curriculum that the class covers.  Students who do not demonstrate adequate understanding and ability to apply 70% of the AKS will NOT have the grade changed. There is no refund nor reimbursement if the student does not earn a 70 on the post test.