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What is Shiloh Middle School?

Shiloh Middle School, established in 1982, is a school dedicated to building and maintaining a tradition of excellence.  Since 1982, Shiloh Middle School has focused on goals which will improve student achievement in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Connections subjects.  Technology is also an integral part of the learning process, helping students become prepared for the world of work in which they will all be involved after graduation.  To help us continue on our path to success, we are pleased to introduce a program that we believe will be an asset to both Shiloh Middle School and our business community.

What is the Shiloh Middle School Business Partnership Program?

The Shiloh Middle School Business Partnership Program began with the needs of our students in mind.  We know that good schools build strong communities, and strong communities are vital for businesses to thrive. In discussions with parents, community members and school staff, the decision was made to forge a partnership between Shiloh Middle School and the local business community. 

How Can You Help?

Shiloh Middle School is always in need of financial assistance to support teachers’ dynamic lessons.  To address this need, Shiloh Middle School has set up a donation structure that we feel allows businesses to give as much or as little as they are able.  However, if financial support is not possible, donations of goods and services are always welcome. 

The basic framework is as follows:

Diamond Partner:  $1000.00 yearly commitment

Sapphire Partner:  $500.00 yearly commitment

Gold Partner:  $300.00 yearly commitment

Silver Partner:  $100.00 yearly commitment

Friend of Shiloh MS:  Goods/Services Donation 

How Does the Partnership Benefit Businesses?

Shiloh Middle School is the academic home to nearly 1700 students and their families.  These families are YOUR customers.  Shiloh Middle School will support you by:

· Advertising your company in our school newsletter.  The Shiloh Spartans newsletter is published three times per year to nearly 1700 Shiloh families

· Advertising your company in our weekly email newsletter.  The Spartan Snapshot is sent to 1100 emails (and counting) every Friday.

· Listing your business on our school website, including a hyperlink to your website.

· Recognizing your business at PTSA and school events.

· Identifying your business as a partner with a plaque to be displayed at Shiloh MS and in your business.

· Inviting you to attend a reception and school tour so you can see how our students benefit from materials purchased with your donations.

Why Should I Support
Shiloh Middle School?


Business Partner
Brochure (pdf)

Business Partner
Brochure (Publisher)

Shiloh Middle School
Commitment Form (pdf)


· To support local schools and help those schools be successful.

· Strong, successful schools build strong communities.

· Strong communities are necessary for businesses to thrive.

· To build positive relationships with students and staff at Shiloh Middle School.

· Increased customer base through active advertising to nearly 1700 students and their families.


Thank you to Our Partners

Sapphire Partner

Silver Partner
Friend of Shiloh