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Frances McConnell  

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  6th Grade



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    Toi Beavers  
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  7th Grade

When To Call A School Counselor

1. When your student is having difficulty achieving academically.
2. When family changes interfere with academic progress.
3. When you want to become more involved in your studentís educational and career choices.
4. When you want to arrange a meeting with several teachers or with both teacher and a counselor.
5. When you need help to interpret tests and school records and track school progress.
6. When you want to discover available community resources and agencies for your student or your family.


Shiloh Middle School Counselors work to promote student success by:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Small Group Counseling on topics such as grief, family changes, divorce, managing emotions, text anxiety, goal setting and more!

  • Parent Education Programs

  • Understanding Test Scores

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Consultation

  • Student Support Team Meetings

  • Exploring Special Education

  • Grade appropriate classroom guidance lessons on topics such as career exploration, goal setting, and getting along.

  • Conflict resolution and Mediation

  • Helping Families Find Resources: Tutoring, mental health, and other community services.

  • Supporting Good Attendance

  • Crisis Intervention

  • LIMITED Club (Life Is More Important Than Entering Drugs)

  • Red Ribbon Week: to promote a drug-free life.

  • Peer Leadership: Developing leadership skills in outstanding 8th graders.

  • Anti-bullying program

  • Black History Month

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Spartan Advisement Time

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