Musical Era WebQuest




The purpose of this lesson is to research one of the six musical eras we have covered during the 9 weeks.You will be asked to research the composers, music, and historical events and figures of the era.You are to present your research in a power point.




Plans for a music history museum are in the works.The main point of the museum is to educate the public on the 5 major musical eras that occurred before the 1900ís.You and your group have been assigned an era to design an exhibit for.The exhibit should be designed to not only educate the public on the music and events of your era, but to help them see how exciting the times were.




1.      Students will be divided into groups of three.Each student will be assigned one of three roles: Composer Researcher, Music Specialist, or Historian.The duties for each role are describe below:

a.     Composer Researcher:

1.      Find the names of 3 major composers of the era.List their names and birth/death dates.†† (1 Slide)

2.     Write a paragraph biography about 2 of the composers. ( 2 slides)


b.     Music Specialist:

1.      What were the main instruments used in the era. (1 slide)

2.     What were the popular musical styles (opera, symphonies, church music, etc.) ( 1 slide)

3.    Name 4 famous compositions from the era.1 slide.Please include the following

a.     Name of the work

b.     Who wrote it

c.     When it was written

d.     What type of composition it was (opera, symphony, etc.)


c.     Historian:

1.†††††† List 10 important (NON-MUSICAL) events that happened in your era. (1 slide)

2.†††† Find 5 famous NON-MUSICAL people from the era and list the following (1 slide):

1.      Name

2.     Birth/Death date

3.    Why they were famous

3.††† Write a brief biography on one of the 5 people. (1 slide)


2.     Each group member is to make power point slides for each task.The slides can be combined into one project when everyone is done.


3.    Conclusion:The final power point slide will be the conclusion.The last slide should address the following 2 questions:


a.     What contributions did your era make to the world of music?


b.     What contributions did your era make to the world in general?




Each power point should consist of 10 slides.There should be 3 slides for each category and one slide for the conclusion.Slides will be worth 10 points each, making the project worth 100 points.Slides will be graded on the following criteria:


Accuracy of information

Is the slide complete (all information accounted for)

Presentation (use of graphics, neatness, etc.)





Use the following links to help you find information:


Junior Reference Collection (E, M)