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Romantic Composers Scavenger Hunt


Directions: Copy the first sentence, and answer the question in a complete sentence.

1.  The Ring Cycle is an opera that takes 17 hours to perform, usually over 4 or 5 nights! 

How long did it take Anton Wagner to write it? 

2.  Romantic music was written for larger groups to perform. 

How many people did Gustav Mahler‘s Symphony No. 8 was written to be performed by how many people?

3.  With new harmonies, romantic music was sometimes harder to listen to and perform.

What words did the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra use to describe Anton Bruchner's first 4 symphonies? (Look in the second paragraph, words in quotes)

4.  Some composers chose to specialize and devote most of their compositions to one instrument.

What instrument did Liszt (5th paragraph) and did Chopin (2nd paragraph) mostly compose for?

5.  Many composers went against their parents’ wishes to follow a life creating music.

What career did Berlioz give up to become a composer?

6.  Other parents, however, encouraged their children’s musical endeavors.

What two instruments did Johannes Brahms take lessons on when he was young? 


7.  Romantic composers wrote fewer, longer symphonies than their classical counterparts.

How many symphonies did Franz Schubert compete?

8.  Some composers were well known for composing one form of music.

What nickname was Johann Strauss II given because of his focus on this dance?

9.  Like many other professions, women were not welcome in the world of composition until the 20th century.

 Whose wife managed to make it big as both a pianist and a composer?

10.  How old was Felix Mendelssohn when he wrote 12 symphonies for string orchestra?  (Look under the “Symphonies” heading)