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Social Studies Language Arts Science Math ESOL All
Social Studies
American Memory US Library of Congress Collection of Historic Documents
Social Studies for Teachers Links to Social Studies Resources
(National Archives and Record Administration)
Historical documents, sound recordings and more with a section on how to use them in the classroom. 
The Constitution A unit on the Constitution designed for middle school students.
Civil War Photographs This is part of the Library of Congress. It contains several photographs of the Civil War grouped in timelines and other collections.
The Living Africa A Web site that teaches about the continent of Africa. It even includes a virtual safari!
S.C.O.R.E. Resources for social studies teachers
Lesson Plans and Resources Links to lesson plans and Web resources
Revolutionary War Battles Webquest related to the various battles of the Revolutionary War
Black History Contains multiple resources for the study of African-American issues.
Remember Extensive collection of resources on the Holocaust
Ancient World Cultures Several ancient world cultures explored
Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
Letters from a Civil War Soldier Letters written home by an Iowa soldier during the Civil War provide insight into the struggles of this period in American history.
My Hero Read about heroes throughout history
Pyramids Explore the Egyptian pyramids of Giza
PBS News Hour PBS NewsHour Extra – headlines
Colonial Williamsburg Takes students on a virtual field trip
Jim Crow The history of Jim Crow deals with instances of racial inequality and segregation
Ask Asia   Explore current events and issues
CIA Fact Book CIA World Fact Book
Geographia Explore countries of the world through virtual field trips to many exotic places
African Action African Policy Information Center Links Page
Japan Japan Information Network
Country Reports  Encyclopedia of world countries
Atlapedia Full color physical and political maps plus key facts and statistics
Mr. Dowling Virtual classroom on social studies topics
Flags of the World Site shows flags of the world and describes what their colors mean
Africa African news and information
Time Line Maker Students can make timelines for dates, times, events, and more. 
50 States Great site with tons of information on all 50 states. Social studies teachers will love it
World War One Letters, simulation games, poetry, and more
Language Arts
Children's Literature Web Guide Collection of Literature Resources
New York Times The New York Times Learning Network is designed for students, parents, and teachers  grades 3-12.
The Author's Page Students can access the biographies of popular authors.
Children's Literature Web Guide Collection of literature resources
Project Guttenburg Over 6,000 free electronic books!!!!
Encyclopedia Mythica Encyclopedia of mythology and folklore
Book Adventure Use this site to help your students find the perfect books for them. The database contains over 6, 000 titles.
KidPub Place for students to publish their work online. Currently there are over 43,000 stories published to the site.
Guide to Grammar and Writing Interactive grammar tests and puzzles
Ask An Expert Students and teachers can contact experts in various scientific fields.
Science Learning Network This site has links to cool science sites, science museums and more.
Digital Dozen A list featuring twelve of the best sites for K-12 Math and Science. The list changes monthly, but you can review the archives for sites featured in the past.
Exploratorium Interactive adventures in science including topics like the science of music and ancient observatories. Great site to help you plan an interdisciplinary unit.
The Nine Planets Tour A multi-media tour of the solar system.
Volcano World Volcanoes, volcanoes, and more volcanoes.
The Nine Planets A multi-media tour of the universe
Hubble Telescope Images from the space telescope
Space Shuttle NASA site with information about the Space Shuttle
Mad Scientist Network Ask a scientist a question
Science Gems More than 14,000 science resources listed by category
Whelmers Science demonstrations
Science Learning Network Check out the resources link and the museum link
Hands-On Science Centers Worldwide Links to interactive science museums around the world
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
The Why Files Science information based on recent stories in the news
Webcytology Students can create their own unicellular species
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Interactively dissect a frog online 
Virtual Earthquake Interactive program introduces concepts of an earthquake epicenter and Richter Magnitude
Math Forum Math resources grouped by subject.
AAA Math Math Topics grouped by grade levels. Includes instruction and practice exercises.
Numbers Interesting facts about numbers
Math Problem of the Week Students can try to solve the math problem of the week at Math Forum
History of Mathematics Mathematician biographies and the history of mathematics
Fractals Fractals unit for elementary and middle school students
Math Literacy New math concepts introduced
Hot Math Offers free math homework help for students
Kaidy Puzzles Puzzle maker for math
Figure This Challenge students inside and outside the classroom with “figure this”
ESOL Independent Study Lab Great activities designed to allow ESOL students to work independently on English skills.
ESL Using English Practice exercises for learning English
All  Online Rubrics, teacher web pages, and more
Blue Web Lesson plans grouped by subject area and grade level
Kathy Schrock Listing of websites that enhance curriculum and professional learning.
ALA American Library Association's list of great Web sites for kids.
Busy Teacher's Website A site that acknowledges the fact that teachers are just too busy. It provides links to wonderful Web sites grouped by subject area.
Library of Congress Home Page Excellent source for United States primary source documents.
Web Based Projects Great collection of Webquests and other web based projects for middle school students.
National Geographic Society Home Page for the National Geographic Society
RHL School Reading, math, language arts and more.
Sites for Teachers Listing of over 800 sites for teachers.
Hurricanes Explanation of hurricanes. Includes hurricane related activities for all subject areas.