These are some places to begin your research:


Media Catalog --   put your biome name in the subject line.  Remember, sometimes the same biome may have different names.


Reference --   Wildlife and Plants of the World (check Biomes Index in Volume 17);  Biomes of the World (9 volume set);

               UXL Encyclopedia of Biomes (3 volume set).


Databases found on the Media Services Homepage:


          World Book Encyclopedia Online  (check out the chart comparing biomes)


Other web search engines or web sites:


Kids Click! --

          Type “biomes” in the search screen.  A list of sites will come up.  Click on the link you wish to use.  Some of these are:


          Biomes of the World

          Middle School Earth Science Explorer


               (Click on Student Entrance> Earth Systems> Biomes)

        World Biomes -

                   On the left hand side - Click on Characteristics of Bioclimatic Zones

        (good site for human impact)

         Biomes / Habitats -


C.E.R.F.* -- A search engine for curriculum resources.



September 27, 2006

*Home access is available.  See media specialist for user name and password.