These are some places to begin your research.


Media Catalog put in your province name in the subject line.


Reference Lands and People vol. 5 (REF/900/LAN); World Almanac

(REF/317.3/WOR); Peoples of the Americas

(REF/970.004/PEO); Encyclopedia of World Geography vol. 3

(REF/910/ENC); general encyclopedias


Databases found on the Media Service Homepage:


Junior Reference Collection* (under Encyclopedias/General Reference)

Type province name in the search bar.


Lands and People* (under Social Studies)

Choose Lands and People

Type your province name in the search box at the top.


World Book Encyclopedia Online* or Encyclopedia Britannica*

Other web search engines or web sites:


C.E.R.F.* (on the home page similar to a search engine)


About Canada -

Information about Canada, its people, environment and history. Not only will you get interesting facts about Canada, you can even test your knowledge with fun quizzes. Enjoy!


InfoCanada -

Province information, government, history, geography, maps, and more information about Canada


Provicial and Territorial Governments -

Websites for all the provinces and territories of Canada.









Updated October 27, 2005