Earthquakes and Volcanoes


These are some places to begin your research:


Media Catalog search by earthquakes or volcanoes. 


Reference Books--Encyclopedia of Earth and Physical Sciences (REF/500.2/ENC);  The New Book of Popular Science (REF/500/NEW); Earth Science, Vol. 4 (REF/550/EAR); Field Guide to Geology (RED/51/LAM); Atlas of Geology and Landforms (REF/550/OLD)


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Science Databases

New Book of Popular Science Online*

Today’s Science*

Science Resource Center*


Encyclopedias/General Reference

World Book Encyclopedia Online*

C.E.R.F. Information Finder*  (Search engine for approved websites)

Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition*



          US Department of the Interior:  Earthquake Hazards Program


          US Geological Survey


          Earthquake! -

                   Berkeley Seismology Center


            FEMA for Kids Earthquakes -


                FEMA for Kids Volcanoes -