Media Catalog:  put the name of your tribe or the phrase “Native Americans” in    the subject line. 


Reference:  The Encyclopedia of North American Indians (11 volume set--use  the Nations and Tribes section of the index); Peoples of the Americas (11 volume set); Atlas of Ancient America; Atlas of the North American Indian; general encyclopedias. 



Kid Info --  

Choose Student Index>American History>Scroll to More History Topics>Native Americans (or Ancient Indians)>scroll for your tribe


About North Georgia --


Databases found on the Media Services Homepage:


       History Resource Center*

              Click Subject Search

                      Type in name of tribe

                             If necessary, click “View results

                                    Look at various essays, topic overviews, etc.


       World Book Encyclopedia Online* & Encyclopedia Britannica*


C.E.R.F * (on home page under “Other Resources”)-- Search engine for curriculum      resources.  Enter your tribe name in the search area.


Also try the Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon:        



Native Languages of the Americas: Facts for Kids



*Home access is available.  Ask media specialist for passwords.

August 19, 2005