These are some places to begin your research:


Media Catalog --put weather or a specific element of weather in the subject line (ex:           tornado*, hurricane*, etc).


Reference --Encyclopedia of Earth and Physical Sciences (REF/500.2/ENC);  The Complete Weather Resource (3 vol.) (REF/551.5/ENG); field guides for weather.


Databases found on the Media Services Homepage:


New Book of Popular Science Online*

       Choose New Book of Popular Science (under Science)


World Book Encyclopedia Online* (under General Reference)


C.E.R.F. Information Finder*  (under Other Resources)

       (Search engine for approved websites)


Kids Click! --

        Science and Math Heading

                  Hurricanes (under Natural Disasters) or Weather

                           At least ten sites for hurricanes


Other weather sites on the home page:

       Home page

                  News & Weather (tiny type under the word Elementary)

                           Scroll down to weather section under the news

                                    Six sites from which to choose


August 23, 2005

*Home access available.  See media staff for passwords.