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 Gwinnett County Public Schools Attendance Protocol

The Georgia Department of Education Student Attendance Rule defines any child subject to compulsory attendance who during the school calendar year has more than 5 unexcused absences as truant. Compulsory attendance is required for children ages 7 – 16. Regular school attendance helps develop good habits that will carry over in life.  Good attendance correlates very strongly with improved grades in school.  School attendance is the responsibility of both parents and students.

According to Georgia State Law, students will be excused from school with a written note accompanying a parent signature for the following reasons:

  1. Personal illness
  2. Personal illness/death of an immediate family member
  3. Observance of a religious holiday
  4. A court order/mandated attendance by a government agency
  5. Attendance impossible or hazardous to student health or safety

 Steps Taken to Address Unexcused Absences

  • Parents will receive phone communication each time a student has an unexcused absence.
  • A written note (with parent signature) stating the reason for each absence must be given to the homeroom teacher.
  • Once a student has 5 unexcused absences, a letter will be mailed home to parents.
  • Homeroom teachers will refer students with 5 unexcused absences to the counselor. 
  • The counselor will meet with each referred student and make contact with parents.
  • The counselor will refer students with 10 excused absences to a Student Attendance Review Committee (SARC) meeting and parents will be invited to attend.  The school social worker will also be invited to attend this meeting. At this meeting, an official referral to the school social worker may be made.
  • If referred student’s attendance does not improve and reaches 10 unexcused absences, the school social worker may file a petition with Gwinnett County Juvenile Court for violation of the Compulsory School Attendance Law.