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Dear Parent and Student,


Each bus driver will have a written bus management plan which will include the following interventions:

          Mandatory assigned seats (with strict enforcement)

          Verbal warning

          Private conference with student

          Reassigning seats as needed

          Parent phone call to notify parent of continuing problems

          Parent notification form sent home


The bus driver, throughout the entire process, will continue to log instances of inappropriate behavior.  Inappropriate behavior may include anything that distracts the driver, may cause injury to student or others, or creates a potential safety problem.  Students are not allowed to use inappropriate language, eat food (including candy), or have and operate electronic devices.  The driver will inform the student each time a log documentation is made.


A major referral will not be made to the administrator until the parent has had an opportunity to receive the parent notification form and intervene on behalf of the school system.  We expect that the parents will want to get the attention of his/her own child in order to ensure safe rides on our buses.


The following offenses will result in automatic administrative referrals:  weapons or objects used as weapons, drugs (including alcohol, cigarettes, lighters, matches), throwing objects off or on the bus, fighting, and other serious rule violations.


If a student makes disrespectful comments to the bus driver, the driver will send home a parent notification form, log that the form has been put in the hands of the student with instructions to give it to the parent, and will contact the parent by phone.


Administrative Referral Consequences:

1st referral:  5 days bus suspension or 1 day bus suspension plus Bus Safety Intervention Program  (Student must be accompanied by parent/guardian.)  A fight results in an automatic ten-day bus suspension; the Bus Intervention Program is not available.


2nd referral:  10 days bus suspension, SST (Student Support Team Meeting), and possible Behavior Contract


3rd referral:  15 days bus suspension and possible Rule 12 notification


4th referral:  possible removal from bus for remainder of year and possible discipline panel


The purpose of this program is to solicit support from the parent and provide the safest environment possible for every child utilizing the Gwinnett County Bus Transportation System.  We believe that by working together this can be accomplished.


Please review this information with your child.


Thank you, in advance, for working with Shiloh Middle School to provide a safe ride to and from school.



*The Bus Safety and Transportation Rules are on the back.