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Shiloh Middle School-Wide Discipline Plan


Developed by parents, business partners, teachers, counselors, and administrators of Shiloh Middle School

Rationale:  students in middle school know the difference in right and wrong. They must help their classmates in creating an environment conducive to the maximum learning.


Plan for All Classes, grades 6-8

For behaviors that stop instruction or violate school rules

(Steps 1-4 do not go onto a student’s permanent record—this is the time for parents to work with the school and their children to stop the unwise behaviors)

1.  warning

            Teacher speaks to student one on one to discuss issue

2.  silent lunch (maximum of 3 X—parents may be contacted) [Connections teachers will not use this step]

            *  totally silent

            *  students sit at table adjacent to teacher OR

            *  teacher team may designate one teacher to take students to a classroom to eat silently 

3.  Parent contact

*  teacher contacts parent to say that repeated behaviors stop learning and that teachers need parent’s help in stopping the disruptive behavior

            + parents will be called at home or work

            + teachers may email parents if available

            + a letter may be sent home if no email and no phone call

* if behavior is chronic, the teacher or parent may schedule an SST

4.  teacher detention (maximum of 2X)—will be on  NCR form

            * parents will be notified  by phone at home or at work

            * parent may be emailed


Teachers and administrators may use  any of the following interventions or redirections:

            Adjust team schedule

            Change seat assignment

            In team isolation

            In classroom isolation

            Cross team isolation

            Cross grade level isolation (arrange with Assistant Principal)

            Parent may be invited to attend class with student





At any time an incident is serious and needs an administrator to intervene, the teacher may use the administrative referral without following this plan. Ex:  gross profanity, any threat to the emotional or physical safety of the student or others, theft, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.


After nine weeks of no additional behavior issues with a particular student a teacher may go back to step 3.


Steps 5-6 are entered into the student’s permanent discipline data base and record

5.  Administrative referral


6. Administrative referrals are reported to a student’s discipline data base and ultimately to the state via the permanent records. Referrals may result in:

            Administrative detention

            Saturday School

            Behavior Contract

            Rule 12 warning

            In School Suspension

            Out of School Suspension

            Appearance before a GCPS disciplinary panel


Teacher Teams will have periodic REWARDS for responsible students: no behavior infractions, no zeros on work, exemplary citizenship, exemplary leadership, exemplary scholarship, etc.