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Shiloh Middle School

Dress Code


Reviewed and adopted by parent, staff, and community representatives of the Academic Advisory Council, School Council, Parent Student Teacher Association and other concerned Shiloh Middle School supporters, July 2006.


Students are expected to dress in a manner that is supportive of a positive learning environment.  It is expected that they will dress to provide themselves and others with absolutely no distraction.  The following articles of clothing are not to be worn at Shiloh Middle School:


--Tank tops, tops that reveal any midriff, fishnet clothing, or visible underclothing.

--Clothing that depicts or symbolizes offensive words or designs, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), violence (blood, death, weapons), sex, or hate groups.

--Skirts, shorts, or pants that are immodest, too short, sagging, or reflect gang activity.

--Hats, bandannas, sweatbands, visors, or sunglasses.

--Clothing that sends negative social behavior such as, but not limited to, “Don’t’ tell”, “Don’t snitch”, or other messages promoted by commercial entities to make money glorifying illegal activity.

--Chains, dog collars, or gang-related jewelry, body piercing.


--Other appearance that is deemed distracting or disruptive is unacceptable. This may include unnatural hairstyles, hair color, make up or dress.


Shirts must be tucked in and pants pulled up. Shirts should be tucked in and pants with belt loops should have a belt.  Belts are expected.


Students are not allowed to display clothing or symbols that have been identified by the Gwinnett County Police Task Force as being commonly identified with criminal gangs. Garments, jewelry, body art and tattoos that communicate criminal gang allegiance are not worn at school, and no item may be worn in a manner that communicates criminal gang affiliation.  Criminal gang-related attire includes, but is not limited to the following:  wearing clothing in an asymmetrical pattern such as rolling up one pant leg, wearing a dominant color every day of the week, long bulky chains and necklaces, gang-styled belt buckles, large oversized pendants or necklaces and chains, bandannas, altering clothing from its original form to change the names and/or intended marking on the clothing, sweatbands and/or headbands, draping articles or clothing, towels, or other objects out of pants pockets or over the shoulder or neck area.  In addition, students are not allowed to shave their hair or eyebrows in patterns related to gang activity.


Students may not wear clothing that deliberately or implicitly promotes the disrespect of any group of people.  This includes, but is not limited to “pimping.”


Shiloh Middle reserves the right to amend and change the dress code whenever additional items disrupt the learning environment.


Procedure:  Students who choose to wear distracting articles of clothing or have distracting appearance will be sent to the grade level assistant principal’s office to call their parents so the parent can be notified of the dress code violation and can bring a change of clothes.  If parents are unavailable, students may be isolated for the day. Parents will be notified of the problematic clothes. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.