eSTEAM at Summerour Middle School

  • Summerour students will have a unique IB experience as we integrate eSTEAM into the work our students do.
  • Summerour will offer innovative Connection classes, including Computer Science-Coding, Digital Music, and Entrepreneurship.



Our eSTEAM Goal

Summerour Middle School will implement Problem-Based Learning (PBL) strategies in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies in all 8th grade classes starting the 2017–18 school year. It is our goal that all the students who go through the eSTEAM Academy will be equipped for success if they choose to pursue the Entrepreneurship Pathway offered at Norcross High School or the STEM Pathway to be offered at the new Duke STEM High School opening August 2018 in the Norcross Cluster.



Why is our school focusing on eSTEAM?

Our region is experiencing considerable job growth in STEM career areas. These jobs require more specialized skills and experience with the connected areas within STEM/STEAM. Based on today’s economy and anticipated

future opportunities, students need to have a better understanding of STEM knowledge and skills so they will be prepared to pursue high-skilled and well-paid careers in related fields.



What will the eSTEAM Academy look like at our school?

Our 8th graders will participate in the eSTEAM Academy. Students will learn the AKS curriculum through a lens that allows them to explore eSTEAM areas. In addition, we will add several new Connections to our offerings, allowing students in grades 6–8 to explore new and different areas of interest.


Summerour Middle School

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