Summerour Middle School is excited to launch the Gear Up Academy for the 2017-2018 school year. This academy teaches goal-setting skills, emphasizes hands-on learning, and promotes extensive use of technology. The Gear Up Academy provides a challenging and rigorous opportunity for students to advance to the high school with enough Carnegie Unites to enter Norcross High School in 10th grade upon successful completion of the program.


The Gear Up Academy allows students to accelerate the learning with a challenging curriculum that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). This student-centered learning environment sparks a fundamental change in the way students think about academics. Each classroom supports on-to-one technology, experiential learning, and small-group and whole-class activities, promoting student success and changes in students' perceptions and attitudes toward academic achievement.



  • 9th grade Algebra I
  • 9th grade Math Strategies


Language Arts:

  • 8th & 9th grade blended Language Arts



  • 9th grade Physical Science



  • 8th grade Georgia History



  • 9th grade Health
  • 9th grade PE
  • 9th grade Digital Technology
  • ...more


Totalling: 6 Carnegie Units

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