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Summerour Middle School, in an effort to provide seamless integration between home and school, as well as increased digital tools, has joined the ranks of Google Apps for Education (GAFE). We have “done our homework” before launching this endeavor and are excited about these new opportunities, but want to assure you, the parent, that we are looking hard at the safety and security of your child.


To that end, and while we will provide each student with a Google login, we will not be enabling the email accounts that are an optional part of this service. We understand that many of you may have concerns about your child using email and wish to monitor your child’s digital communications. We could not agree more. Rest assured that we are not enabling email communications for your child.


While we understand fully that Google makes its money by selling user information, the GAFE accounts are secure accounts and are not salable. Google has agreed to comply with educational laws about student data when under the GAFE umbrella, so your child’s data will not be shared.


What we are doing is offering your child access to a Google Drive, which will provide unlimited, digital storage for homework. As part of Google Drive, students will also have access to Google’s word processor, spreadsheet, slideshows, et cetera. This will allow students with limited resources to compose work from whatever device they have, wherever they get an internet connection. Part of this service is the ability to work together on projects from home, each student editing the document on their own, while seeing each other’s changes. We believe these features will assist many of our students with homework completion.


In addition to Google Drive, the students’ Google log ins will allow students to use many online resources we use in the classroom without creating personal accounts. They will simply “Log In with Google” and use their secure, school accounts.


If you have further questions about Google Apps for Education you may contact your child’s administrator, counselor, or the school’s Local School Technology Coordinator, Mickey Stanfield.

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