Medication Policy @ Summerour




The school clinic does not provide medication for students.  Medication time schedules should be set so that, when possible, medicine is taken at home rather than at school.  However, if medication must be taken at school, the following procedures apply:


  1. Medication Authorization Form- the parent/legal guardian must complete an authorization form titled “Administration of Medication Request.”
  2. The medicine, in the original container (unopened) must be taken to the school clinic for storage. The parent/legal guardian MUST bring the medication to school. Students are NOT allowed to carry medication onto school grounds.
  3. At the designated time, the student will go to the clinic to take the medication.  Assistance/supervision will be given in accordance with the instructions on the authorization form.  Medication is a parental responsibility; school employees will not assume any liability for supervising or assisting in the administration of medication.


By working together, we can strive to ensure the health and well being of every student so that he/she can benefit from the educational program.

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