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In pursuit of academic excellence and teaching social responsibility.

Each of our counselors has graduated from an accredited university for guidance and counseling education. They are skilled in developmental counseling, parent and teacher consultation and play counseling.

What is Developmental Counseling?

Developmental counseling is designed as a preventative approach to helping children. Through classroom guidance, small group and individual counseling, counselors can teach life skills. The types of life skills we focus on are self-acceptance, conflict management, coping skills, occupational awareness, study skills, personal safety, and personal growth.

What is a School Counselor?

School counselors meet with all students. They serve as a resource for teachers, a liaison with teachers and parents, a liaison with outside agencies, a counselor, coordinator, and consultant.

How Do Students See the Counselor?

Teachers, parents, and students may refer to a school counselor at any time. Teachers may use referral forms provided by the counselors and students may use referral notes outside each counselor's office. Parents may send a note or contact a counselor by phone. Guidance is scheduled every other week and the counselor sees students individually as needed. Small groups are formed in the fall and spring as needed by teacher or parent referrals.

Why Do Students See the Counselor?

Students may see the counselor for self-expression, family concerns, school problems, fears, physical concerns, new situations, developmental needs, difficult decisions, being teased, and happy occasions!

COUNSELORS...Touching the head, the heart, and the hand!


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