Technology Team... Helping students and staff utilize technology every day!
Christy Neal - Local School Technology Coordinator 
Dave Sixto - Technology Support Technician
Maria Seeler - SASI Clerk (Student Information & Attendance)


Integrated Curriculum Technology Labs:
* Three networked student labs: Canyon Lab, Cove Lab, and Creek Lab
* One networked research lab in the Media Center
* A Video conference lab with an IP connection for distance learning experiences.
* Two laser printers in each lab for high quality printing
* Two color laser printers for high quality school wide color printing
* Projection equipment, scanners, digital cameras, televisions, VCR's, and wireless keyboards
* Internet access from each workstation
* Reference and instructional software with direct links to Gwinnett County's Academic, Knowledge, and Skills (AKS)
* Access to home directories and shared files networked to all classroom workstations for administrative and instructional use


Video Conferencing Lab: Our video conferencing lab interactively links our school to museums, educational centers, and corporations all over the United States and beyond. Students have opportunities to go to exciting places and study from experts in the field without ever leaving their classroom. The camera can broadcast the child's image to the expert and the expert can teach the students by guiding them through the video feed.

The technology program at K. E. Taylor Elementary School offers a wide variety of experiences for our students. Our Microsoft Active Directory network and fast Internet connections allow for "real time" opportunities for students.

Teachers at K. E. Taylor Elementary School are teaching lessons integrated with the Gwinnett County Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) in the labs with the support of a technology coordinator. This allows the AKS to drive the lesson, not the computer skill.

Flexible scheduling of lab times allows students to complete a project or a research experience in a reasonable amount of time. This allows teachers to schedule a lab for several consecutive days for long term projects.

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